Ebelong Concentrates On Energy Harvesting And Smart Building Devices

EBELONG concentrates on energy harvesting and smart home solutions.

Our revolutionary wireless and battery-free energy harvesting technology provides effective solutions for various smart home. We have designed a whole range of wireless products to make a building or home smart, including:

Different standard self-powered switches, sensors, relay switches, smart plugs for automatic or remote control of lights, heating, roller blinds, home access and so on.

Innovation is a part of our DNA and we are innovating every day to design high quality products based on wireless self-powered technology which is easy to use in smart home.

  • Vision


    We are looking forward confidently to becoming the global leader in the field of wireless self-powered technology, let every family benefit from EBELONG products

  • Mission


    With our powerful technology and products, EBELONG promotes the application of wireless self-powered industry and contributes to the green earth

  • Creation


    Creation is deeply rooted in our DNA from the moment EBELONG was born which let us gradually reshape the industry.

  • Competitiveness


    Maintaining competitiveness is not only an excellent working method, but also an excellent belief. We always seek for better solutions and becoming stronger.

  • Cooperation


    We are committed to keeping offering our customers valueable and profitable products.

EBELONG sensor

After capturing small amounts of kinetic energy produced by switch or sensor, the generating engine converts energy into electric energy which is enough to make the low-power consumption electronic devices work efficiently. The communication data is then transmitted wirelessly via transport technology.

EBELONG which means significantly reduced maintenance costs

The advantage of this system is that switch can be placed anywhere wihout wiring. It will fulfill its maintenance-free function over its whole life, which is able to save lots of money and time compared to other solutions.

EBELONG patent 01

In the area of Energy Harvesting, EBELONG has filed different patent applications and has already been granted nearly 400 different patents.

These Patents Covers:
● Technology
● Design And Construction Of Products
● Applications

All of our Energy Harvesting Product patents have been assessed by Global patent certification institution and certified there is no infrigement to any other competitors.

EBELONG Technology Park

EBELONG headquarters is located in Chinese silicon valley – Shenzhen. We cover a space of more than 3,000 sqm and that is where we develop and produce all devices. EBELONG Technology Park is equipped with professional and modern production lines which let us deliver solutions acclaimed by the best producers and devices dedicated to produce and test smart home appliances.

High quality control is always our top priority, so 100% of our products will be undergone strict tests at every stage of production by our sophisticated engineers.

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