Wireless Kinetic Switch

1. How many controllers can a switch be paired with?

An unlimited number of controllers.

2. Are all the switches IP rated?

The S2 sereis is IP67 rated. All the other switches, including grid switches and key fob switches, are IP20 rated.

3. Is it possible to pair a non-dimmable switch with a dimmable controller?

Yes. It will work as a normal ON-OFF switch.

4. Is the FOB switch compatible with dimmable controllers?

Yes. It will work the same as a wall mounted dimmable switch.

5. Are the Grid switches compatible with dimmable controllers?

Yes. They will work the same as wall mounted dimmable switches.

6. Is there a key fob with multiple gangs?

No, key fob switch only has one gang version.

7. Is the No-neutral smart switch dimmable?

No. A new WiFi and dimmable version is now under development. Please check our website for the latest updates.

8. Why is the controlling range of my switch shorter than the distance in the product description?

The maximum controlling distance comes from EBELONG laboratory test results. The actual distance in practical use might vary due to environmental difference. Please make sure the antenna of the receiving controller is not shielded by metal plates first. The presence of walls, cables, metal pipes or RF interference in the area can also influence the distance.

9. Can I pair the No-neutral smart switch with other controllers?

No, the No-neutral smart switch can’t be paired with other EBELONG controllers.

10. Can the wireless switch be used in a bathroom?

IP67 rated switch S2 series can be used in the bathroom.

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