1. How many sub-devices does the ECH Gateway support?

The ECH Gateway can connect up to 30 sub-devices depending on the different conditions.

2. Why can’t I add a sub-device?

Please move sub-device more closer to the gateway.

3. Why can’t sub-device be deleted?

Please make sure that the gateway is online before deleting a sub-device, and use the Kinetic Switch app to delete it.

4. Where should I install the ECH Gateway?

(1) The ECH Gateway needs to be plugged into a power outlet.

(2) To ensure a stable connection with accessories, it is recommended to install the ECH Gateway in a central location.

(3) Avoid metal obstacles and load-bearing walls between the ECH Gateway and its accessories, and between the ECH Gateway and the router.

5. Can I pair the ECH Gateway directly with my app without connecting to the Wi-Fi?

No, you can’t. Ensure your phone is connected to the WiFi and then connect to the ECH Gateway via the app.

6. Will ECH gateway get affected when it’s working as a doorbell?


7. What is the maximum distance between a sub-device and the ECH Gateway?

The distances are 100m (outdoor) and 40m (indoor), from EBELONG laboratory test results. The actual distance in practical use might vary due to environmental differences.

8. How do I identify different same-type sub-devices paired with the same ECH gateway?

All sub-devices will be categorized after pairing with the ECH gateway, and you can rename them anytime via the app.

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