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  • Why The Energy Harvesting Product Is Better Than The Battery Product

    Energy harvesting has emerged as a leading option to standard ways of powering sensors. There are various reasons that they are significantly being selected over battery-powered systems – Among these advantages is that they can potentially produce a much smaller ecological impact. Batteries present a host of logistical, environmental, and financial challenges. Power harvesting allows sensing units to circumvent the need for an external power source such as batteries and be self-powered instead. Below are a few of the concerns with utilizing batteries: 1. They have restricted life expectancies Concerns concerning battery life also result in makers configuring their sensors to transfer information much less often to lower power usage. These tools give up the density of data and insights that could offer a longer battery life. 2. There is insufficient lithium in the world It is an unbelievably unusual substance – If we were to use lithium to make…

    Technology News, News 09/13/2021
  • Why do we need energy harvesting products

    Check out your room and count the variety of appliances along with electrical gadgets that you can spot. Many of us would practically lack fingers merely counting them inside our bed spaces, tackling each other for outlet space – which doesn’t also consist of the various other areas of our residences. Believe it or not, it is a vast deluxe in the environment. And likewise right here’s the crucial things – we did not reach this stage overnight – the comfortable and likewise protected life that we have involved take for offered took centuries upon centuries to establish. Whether we like it or not, this is the reality of the globe as it is today. So we would like to bring your passion to several of these harrowing realities along with having done so. Continue to why we presume energy harvesting innovations guarantee to be an alleviating influence, to whatever…

    Technology News, News 09/10/2021
  • A Pleasant EBELONG Team Building

    In the spring of April. It’s a new start, we are now ready to set sail. One person can walk fast. A group of people can reach distant. Sands being tower, beads become sea. After initial ten years of accumulation. EBELONG will cherish the time and continue marching forward. It is another good year. On April 24th, the staffs of Ebelong gathered in Dapeng, Shenzhen to hold a team building activity with the theme of “Surpass ourselves, create excellence”. Spartan Challenge The hot day begins with the Spartan challenge. Under the auspices of the leading coach, the employees of Ebelong faced a severe test of skill and endurance. The Spartan Challenge is a series of competitions consisting of three games: Caterpillars Attack, Table Tennis Relay and Tug-Of-War. It is a test of teamwork and cohesion. Caterpillars Attack Employees are divided into 2 groups and 4 teams. The game aroused everyone’s…

    Company News, News 08/21/2021
  • EBELONG’s wireless kinetic energy technology once again cooperates with real estate tycoons

    This month, Ebelong has cooperated with another big player in real estate, Evergrande Real Estate, a global top 500 company, with its excellent product quality and cost reduction solution of kinetic switch, and the scope of cooperation involves new real estate installation and retrofit. EBELONG was warmly invited by Evergrande Real Estate to conduct a report on the real estate lighting wireless kinetic control program at the Evergrande Group Shenzhen Headquarter. Evergrande Shenzhen branch and Guangzhou headquarter jointly participated in this special meeting through video conference. The relevant person in charge of purchasing from Evergrande Real Estate said that as early as 2019, he had heard the news that Country Garden had started to use wireless kinetic switches in their projects. It was not until the Guangzhou Building Electric & Intelligent Electric annual conference in December 2020 that he first learned about the disruptive product idea of wireless kinetic switch…

    Company News, News 08/21/2021
  • Industry Pioneer & Surpass Limits | The Highlights Of GEBT Expo

    The China Electric and Building Technology Expo 2021 (GEBT) will be held in Guangzhou from August 3rd to 6th, 2021.Withstand the pressure of COVID-19, EBELONG shows the latest intelligent technologies in GEBT Expo. As the expert in Wireless Kinetic Switch, EBELONG has been worked in this industry for 13 years. With the original intention of “Green World”, EBELONG has realized the integration of production, sales and service. EBELONG are committed to exploring the most advanced technology and insisting on innovation. To make everyone can enjoy the “Green” and “Smart” wireless kinetic technology. EBELONG has continued to put into practice the version of ”Green Energy” and “Intelligent Manufacturing”, and insisted on “Self-powered Technology” and “Wireless Technology” to provide the best solutions for lighting, electrical control and home security industries, while gradually enriches the wireless kinetic products. EBELONG also works with Tuya and Huawei HiLink to develop new products to realize the…

    Company News, News 08/21/2021

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