1. How many switches can be paired with a single controller?

Up to 10 switches.

2. Is it possible to connect an additional traditional switch to the controller?

Yes, it need to be wired to the output terminals of the controller.

3. Do I need access to the receiving controller installation place?

Yes, access is needed in order to pair/unpair the controller with the switch or the APP.

4. Will the controller maintain the pairing if the power goes off?

Yes, it wil.

5. Will the controller maintain the brightness level if the power goes off?

No, it will not. Brightness level need to be reset after power on again.

6. Is there a multichannel receiver?

Yes. Our dual channel receiver (ERC2102/ERC603/ERC2202) is capable of switching 2 loads independently.

7. Can I install multiple receivers in the same enclosure?

Yes, they will not interfere with one another. Please avoid using metal enclosures as these will shield the signal and will reduce the effective range dramatically.

8. How many controllers can be set as repeaters in bridging mode?

Just one unit.

9. Is there a momentary contact receiver?

The momentary receiver is currently under development. Please check our website for the latest updates.

10. Why are my dimmable lights not dimming when I use the dimming controller?

Please check first if the controller is in dimming mode (see instructions). There are various LED drivers in the market, and some of them are not compatible with our dimmable controllers. Please ask for compatible LED lights before purchase.

11. Why are my dimmable LED lights flickering?

It may be caused by the compatibility between the LED driver and the dimmable receiver. Please select the compatible driver for our dimmable receiver.

12. What is the dimming range of the dimming controllers?

The dimming range varies for LED lamps as there are different LED dimmable driver solutions.Please note that the dimming range of the WiFi controller is slightly shorter when manually operated by the switch compared to the APP dimming range.

13. What is the maximum load of the controller?

The maximum loading of an individual controller is present in the data sheet, instructions or the product page. Exceeding this maximum will result in damaging the controller.

14. After a power cut will the controller resume the previous state?

The controller will be “OFF” after a power cut, saving energy, reducing fire risk and protecting your appliances.

15. Is it possible to extend the aerial of the receiver?

We do not encourage our customers to do so. However, if the circumstances require an extension, please use a wire not bigger than 0.25mm² and longer than 50cm.

16. Is the receiver switching both poles?

No. Only the live feed will be operated.

17. Can other smart products work through the EBELONG receivers?

No, it can not.

18. Is there a WiFi Dimming 12VDC version?

The WiFi Dimming 12VDC version is currently under development. Please check our website for the latest updates.

19. Can a traditional dimmer switch be used with the EBELONG dimming receiver?

No. None of our EBELONG receivers are able to be controlled by a traditional dimmer switch. They have been designed to translate the radio signal generated by the wireless switch and operate the load accordingly. The receiver requires permanent mains on the input terminals. A regular switch would only cut the power to it. However, if you want to be able to operate the receiver without a switch, it can be done by using one of our WiFi receivers which will allow you to control it via our “Kinetic Switch” or Tuya Smart APP.

20. Is the WiFi controller or smart plug compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Yes, our WiFi controllers and smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

21. Can I control the WiFi receiver or smart plug from a wireless switch and from the APP?

Yes. The WiFi capability on our products is an additional feature. Those receivers are able to be controlled by kinetic switch and app simultaneously . For example, the lights can be switched ON or dimmed up from the switch and then dimmed down or switched OFF from the APP. Also, the APP will show in real time the operations made from the switch.

22. How do I re-pair my WiFi receiver?

In order to pair the WiFi receiver with the app again, the red led indicator must be flashing rapidly. Just press and hold the button on the receiver until the indicator light becomes solid and release as soon as that happens. Now the receiver can be re-paired with the app.

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