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Self-powered wearables: Battery-free, Maintenance-free and more safty!

This series have a built-in micro-kinetic energy acquisition device, which can convert the micro-kinetic energy generated by elders pressing into electricity, and send out a signal to the receiver, such as an alarm set. Then caretakers receive the signal, perform service. Due to this function and the advantages of battery-free, maintenance-free and more safty, they were usually used in hospitals and healthcares.

Self-powered wearables: Battery-free, Maintenance-free and more safty!

EBELONG Wearables in hospital

Using the wearables in a hospital, the caregiver do not need keep guarding patients every step of the way, especially at night. Just press the switch on the watch, then patients can calling easily. Thanks to our kinetic self-powered technology, no need to worry about forgetting to battery the switch.

EBELONG Wearables in healthcares

Ebelong Wearables can also applied in retirement centers. Due to our core technology, the watch do not need to battery, so that it is more safty and convenient.

IP67 Waterproof, more safety for elders!

The products meet IP67 waterproof rating, not afraid of daily upset cup. Because there is no built-in battery, the risk of electric shock is minimized. Safer and more durable!

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