1. Is PIR sensor waterproof? How much is the IP level?

The PIR is IP65 rated waterproof.

2. How long does PIR battery last for?

For two years.

3. Will there be any indication when PIR has no power?

The LED indicator will red blink quickly when battery load drops less than 10%.

4. Can PIR be paired with the controller?

PIR can be paired with the controller and turn on/off the lights once humans are detected.

5. Can PIR be set not to turn on the lights in the day time, but working at night only?

Yes, it can. Just set LUX control know to the lowest level.

6. If a pet enters the detection area of the PIR sensor, will it trigger the sensor?

Yes. It may be triggered by pets because of the passive infrared technology. To avoid this, we suggest you install the PIR Sensor in a higher position so the pet could not enter the detection area.

7. The PIR sensor does not respond, and the indicator light does  not flash when I press the pairing button. What is the reason?

Possible reasons:

(1) The battery is dead; (2) The PCB board is damaged; (3) Sensor failure.

8. Will the door/window sensor need to change battery?

NO, it’s self-powered, no battery is required.

9. Can I change the position of the Door and Window Sensor main part and auxiliary part?

Yes. The position can be changed but ensure that the main part and the auxiliary part are installed in alignment.

10. Why does the EBELONG Door and Window Sensor not work sometimes?  

The accessory is installed on a metal surface and the signal is interfered with. Please avoid metal surfaces.

11. What functions does EBELONG Door and Window Sensor have?

(1) The EBELONG Door and Window Sensor can be installed on the door or window to detect door and window status.

(2) It can work with other smart devices. If it detects that the door or window opens or closes, it triggers other devices to turn on or off home appliances, etc.

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