Kinetic Switch App

1. What APP do I have to use for the WiFi controllers and smart plugs?

Please search in Apple Store or in Google play for Kinetic Switch APP. Alternatively you can use Tuya Smart APP.

2. Is there a download link for the WiFi APP instructions?

Yes, below is the download link.

3. Is there an API release available for download?

Yes there is. Please find below the link to Tuya IoT webpage:


4. From what distance can I control my WiFi device?

You can control your WiFi device from any location in the world as long as your iOS/Android device can access the internet through WiFi or 3G/4G/5G network.

5. What if I change or update my router?

You will need to reconfigure your WiFi device to work with your new router.

6. I can’t connect to my WiFi device from outside of my home WiFi network.

You will need to enable port forwarding to access the WiFi device from outside of your home. As every router is different, please refer to your router/modem instruction manual for detailed information or contact the manufacturer regarding port forwarding. You should still be able to use the Wi-Fi device within your home Wi-Fi network without port forwarding.

7. Can I control multiple WiFi devices?

Yes, there is no quantity limit to add device.

Note: The number of devices that can be connected to your home network depends on your router/modem. Refer to manufacturer instructions for more information.

8. Can others within my home network control my WiFi devices?

Yes they can. You have to share the devices with other users by using the Device Sharing function from the APP.

9. What can I use the countdown function for?

This will leave appliances on for a time that you set. It can be used as a timer to turn off appliances after that period of time. For example, set your phone charger to turn off after 3 hours to stop power draw after your phone has charged.

10. Can I connect to my router if both 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz bands are activated?

In order to connect the EBELONG devices to your router you have to disable the 5Ghz band and leave only the 2.4Ghz band active.

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