Smart Plug

1. What is the function of EBELONG smart plug?

It can control lightings or home appliances connected to a smart plug by our kinetic switch and app.

2. Can EBELONG samrt plug be connected to WiFi without gateway?

   The model types ERC501/SOK01 with RF communication that needs gateway.

   The model types ERC501-W/SOKE01-W with WIfi communication that does not need gateway.   

3. Is the smart plug dimmable?

Both the standard and WiFi smart plugs are not dimmable.

4. Does the smart plug have the countdown function?

Yes. The countdown function is available only on the WiFi model ( ERC501-W.SOKE01-W ).

5. How do I reset the WiFi controller or the WiFi smart plug?

Connect the WiFi device to a power source, press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds (depending on the unit type) until the red indicator light goes off. The reset is done.

6. What appliances are suitable to use with the WiFi controller or smart plug?

The WiFi devices will work with any home appliance with a load less than 13A for the WiFi Controller (1.5A for the dimmable version) and 13A for the WiFi smart plug. They are best suited to appliances that do not contain internal on/off switching or switch to an always-on state. For example, a traditional lamp will be well suitable for the WiFi controller.

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