• Which wireless doorbell is best?

    Wireless doorbells have become relatively cheap, making them a great option to replace the traditional doorbells that don’t offer as many useful features. The wireless versions are also easier to install as no wiring is required. They also come loaded with features such as adjustable volume and a large selection of chimes. The Ebelong Self-powered Doorbell is the best high-end doorbell offering A security alert and waterproof function What to know before you buy a wireless doorbell Range The receiver unit needs to be within the doorbell range for it to work. Most wireless doorbells offer at least 100 feet of range, while the premium models will be more than 400 feet. Remember that you might not get the same range as the product specifications as interference can occur. You can expect the real-life range to be around 30% less than manufacturer specifications. Power Most doorbells need batteries or WIFI,…

    Technology News, News 11/28/2022
  • How wireless self-powered door contact switch work and what they do?

    The wireless self-powered door contact switch in our life can generally be divided into three major components: door contact switch, door contact switch sensor (detector) and door contact switch alarm. Some access control systems are based on intelligent buses and the same system platform, so that the intelligent terminal of the smart home can easily access the visual doorbell system doorstep machine and management centre to achieve visitor intercom, message, stay and access control functions, becoming the first line of defence for our family security. These can also be equipped with smart proximity cards and fingerprint locks at the same time, which can achieve intelligent linkage, such as synchronization the disarming of alarms and turning on the corresponding lights or modes. How wireless self-powered door contact switch work? The wireless self-powered door contact switch system is a security alarm system that is not easily visible if you are not paying…

    Technology News, News 11/24/2022
  • A brand-new lighting control renovation solution

    Home renovations are lengthy and expensive, looks like a huge job from the very beginning and be a messy process, so it’s important that you are done right from the start to save yourself time, money, and headaches. Particularly when you have service provider working in some areas of your home, yet it will certainly be very easy to run if you simplify right into many little jobs as well as keep costs down as you make restorations. Work with a service provider and developer to develop blueprints and a prepare for your renovations. Think of a listing of points you need as well as a checklist of things that you desire, which can assist make future budgeting decisions easier. Pick a strategy of which projects you intend to begin initially. Renovating a house is costly and oftentimes ends up costing more than you think. Relying on just how large…

    Technology News, News 11/21/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switches facilitate the design of electrical lighting systems for super high-rise buildings

    The electrical design of super high-rise buildings should be different from general buildings. Therefore, the wireless kinetic switch of EBELONG provides convenience for the design of the electrical lighting system of super high-rise buildings. Designers should consider the characteristics of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, and do a good job of site investigation, grasp the correct design ideas, scientifically deploy the relationship between different systems, reasonably select and design the form of the power distribution system, so as to make the system operate with strong stability and safety, comprehensively improve the effect of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, prolong the service life of equipment, and highlight the advantages of modern building electrical design. What convenience can the wireless kinetic switch bring to the design of the lighting system of a super high-rise building? The wireless kinetic switch is developed with micro energy collection, no wiring, no battery, anti-electrical shock,…

    Technology News, News 11/11/2022
  • Smart home switches enter thousands of homes to help the elderly and children control home appliances

    Ebelong smart home switch is also called wireless kinetic switch, which is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting and self-generating technology and has more than 350 invention patents. The smart home switch does not require wall wiring, does not use batteries, is shockproof, IP67 waterproof has a wireless intelligent remote control, simple installation, convenient use, easy multi-control, quick modification and retrofitting, and supports OEM and ODM customization. Smart home switch simplifies the steps of installation, saves labor and material costs, is green and low-carbon, and provides three types of voice, cell phone APP, and remote control. With the elderly and children at home, what help can switching to a smart home switch provide to them? Ebelong smart home switches into thousands of homes to help the elderly and children control home appliances, the elderly more or less convenient action will be somewhat unchanged, and children’s height is also a problem, the use…

    Technology News, News 11/10/2022
  • Do you really understand the TUYA wireless switch pasting smart applications

    Whether in the past or now, do you really know about the free-pasting smart applications of Ebelong TUYA wireless switches? We can predict the future. Also known as a wireless kinetic switch and self-powered switch, Ebelong TUYA wireless switch is developed and produced using micro energy acquisition technology. Ebelong TUYA wireless switch is very different from a traditional wired switch or wireless switch with a battery, with obvious advantages, as follows: 1. No wiring is required; 2. No battery is used; 3. Easy multi-control; 4. Easy installation; 5. Diversified use (remote control, voice, mobile APP); 6. Anti-electric shock; 7. IP67 waterproof; 8. Easy to refit, add, and move; 9. Support multi-protocol and multi-platform; 10. Fireproof material and durable; 11. Support customization; 12. It is widely used in humid areas; It is believed that the evolution of Ebelong wireless switch in the future will further meet the actual needs with needs of users. How…

    Technology News, News 11/09/2022
  • Self-powered switch solves the difficulty of the elderly in watching TV with one click

    The development of the Internet has led to the decline of traditional TV, but there are still some people who like to watch traditional channel programs. They are the elderly group. Ebelong has introduced a set of solutions to solve the dilemma of the elderly watching TV, which is called self-powered switch easy to watch TV. Why should we watch traditional TV stations when the Internet is so developed? That may be a nostalgic feeling that young people can’t understand now. New things are incompatible with the old people’s perception and can’t get into the eyes of the old people. So the old people still like to watch traditional TV stations, but now watching TV will be a bit troublesome. Some old people are not so friendly in operation, so we need to solve the problem that it is difficult for old people to watch TV. Ebelong self-powered switch+controller+Huawei cloud platform+remote control socket makes…

    Technology News, News 11/08/2022
  • Can the wireless kinetic switch completely replace the traditional switch or not

    Can the wireless kinetic switch completely replace the traditional switch or not? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturer and we will talk about it together. First of all, let’s understand the current environment. The market development demand is tilted in the direction of smart homes, people want to make home life easier and more comfortable, and also more in line with the national environmental protection requirements, green low-carbon emission reduction, and energy saving. Learn more about what strengths Ebelong wireless kinetic switches have to replace traditional switches. Wireless kinetic switch is a new type of wireless switch developed and produced by micro energy collection self-generating technology. 1、No need to chisel the wall wiring, reducing the workload of chiseling the wall wiring, reducing the cost, saving energy, and green and environmental protection. 2, no batteries, eliminating the maintenance of late battery replacement and disposal of waste batteries. 3, safety against electric shock, safety is…

    Technology News, News 11/07/2022
  • Wiring free switch+TUYA intelligent curtain controller can easily realize remote multi-control

    Wiring free switch+curtain controller package, wiring free multi control graffiti intelligent curtain controller. It supports the use of Ebelong spring-back self-powered wiring free switch (2 keys and above) to control the forward rotation, reverse rotation, and stop of the curtain motor. The controller supports two control modes and the reverse control function of the motor. Applicable motor type: curtain opening/closing motor, roller shutter motor. 1. It is suitable for installation in scenes that are inconvenient for wiring, such as glass, partition, and scenes that require fixed switches and multiple controls (office buildings, business summer, etc.) 2. No battery maintenance, long control distance, free installation, waterproof. 3. Support mobile phone control and voice control 4. Accessible to the smart home system Application example: Wiring mode (1) Weak current mode wiring (2) Strong current mode wiring Technical advantages Zero-crossing protection technology The controller generally uses a relay as the “switch” control element, and…

    Technology News, News 11/03/2022
  • Become a self-powered switch agent can not be guaranteed to develop

    The momentum of science and technology is developing fiercely, day by day, there are sweeping changes in all aspects, with the current development speed, home decoration will also slowly from the wired way to the wireless way, until the wireless battery-free way, that is, the wireless remote control method of EBELONG wireless self-powered switch, self-powered switch, and technology for the business can guarantee the development of the business? When you come into contact with the self-powered switch, you are also surprised, right? How to control lamps, doors, and windows without connecting wires or using batteries. From the benefit side, reduce the workload, save time, save wire, batteries, and other raw materials, increased security, anti-electrical shock, IP67 level waterproof, simple installation, easy retrofitting and modification, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent remote control, also low-carbon green environmental protection, in line with the present and future development goals, which is a good development trend…

    Technology News, News 11/01/2022

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