• Self-powered wireless doorbell requires no wiring and no batteries

    The self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter does not need batteries and has a built-in energy acquisition module, which can convert the mechanical energy of pressing into electrical energy, and the electrical energy drives the circuit to work. The doorbell communication method is wireless radio frequency, no wiring is required for installation, the ringer volume is adjustable and there are multiple music tracks to choose from. The doorbell has a power-off memory function. After power-off and then power-on, the doorbell can remember the last set music track and ring volume, and there is no need to manually set it. 1. Drop test: (1) Self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter: 1 meter high from the rigid ground, and the product works normally after the 6 sides are dropped three times respectively. (2) Self-generating wireless doorbell receiver: complete the packaging test with the whole machine, and the installation strength can complete the functional operation of the receiving module…

    Technology News, News 07/06/2022
  • Outdoor switches offer wireless and battery-free advantages

    Many users or electricians will consider the use of switches when installing outdoor lighting. Why do you say that? Ebelong Outdoor Switches have the advantage of being cordless and battery-free. Because the outdoor environment is different from indoors, the weather is changeable, rainy days and the sun will affect the light switch, and the outdoor wiring is not so convenient. The use of the switch and the control of the area must be considered. So Ebelong’s outdoor switch is very suitable as an outdoor switch upgrade or modification, new installation, what advantages does it have? Ebelong’s outdoor switch is developed and produced by using micro-energy collection self-generation technology. The application of wireless kinetic energy technology makes the outdoor switch do not need wiring or batteries and supports voice, mobile APP, and remote control. ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, RF433, etc., easily realize multi-control, sub-regional control, timing control, Anti-electric shock, and waterproof IP67 level….

    Technology News, News 06/15/2022
  • Smart light switches are developed and produced using wireless kinetic technology

    For the R&D and production of Ebelong smart light switches using wireless kinetic technology, many people may not understand what this wireless kinetic energy technology is? What’s the difference? Let’s take a look at this wireless kinetic technology: Simply put, this technology allows the switch to generate electricity by itself without wiring or batteries, that is, the kinetic energy generated at the moment when the switch is pressed by our human hand is converted into electrical energy through the internal module of the switch, and a signal is sent to the receiver of the controller. As for how to achieve it, we will not delve into it here, we only need to know that this smart light switch does not need wiring, no battery, Anti-electric shock, fire protection, IP67 waterproof, intelligent control, easy multi-control, easy installation, and other benefits. Smart light switches can be used in indoor, outdoor, wet areas (kitchen,…

    Technology News, News 06/10/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch for smart home is a trend

    The scenarios imagined in the past are now being realized step by step. Our requirements for home life are not only satisfied with the house but have begun to pursue the higher technology and better quality of life brought by smart home. In addition to enjoying the convenience brought by technology, the requirements for home life are gradually increasing, so in this era of environmental development, the rapid development of smart homes is an inevitable trend. With the continuous advancement of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, intelligence has gradually penetrated and changed all aspects of people’s lives. People’s pursuit of high-quality life under the blessing of intelligence has driven the rapid development of the smart home industry. Development, the use of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches in smart homes is a trend. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not require wiring or batteries, supports…

    Technology News, News 06/08/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch in the foreground of outdoor lighting

    Smart city has become a “high-frequency word” in China, and the smart city has also attracted much attention. Urban lighting is an important part of a smart city, and the application of Ebelong wireless kinetic switch is perfect for outdoor lighting. At present, the application of LED outdoor lighting in China has been fully popularized. Under the new situation, to build a smart city, promote green lighting, and achieve sustainable urban development, the LED outdoor lighting industry will gain more room for development, especially in the field of road lighting and landscape lighting. At present, after years of exploration and development of LED outdoor lighting, the technology in the application process has been continuously innovated and breakthroughs and the level has been continuously improved. The qualitative accumulation has been completed, and the market has continued to grow steadily. And the call for intelligent outdoor lighting and attention is getting higher and…

    Technology News, News 06/07/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch | How to control and choose the lights in the garden

    Generally, in addition to the spatial layout and landscape function, A reasonable and artistic lighting layout, It can bring a beautiful and romantic atmosphere to the villa courtyard at night. How does the villa courtyard at night show her charm? Ebelong takes you from the villa lighting planning, Understand the application of villa outdoor lighting. 00. How to control and choose the lighting in the courtyard? Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch may be your better choice. Because the wireless kinetic switch does not need wiring or batteries, IP67 waterproof, intelligent voice, and mobile APP wireless control, easy sub-regional control, dual control, and multi-control, easy installation, durable, supports OEM and ODM customization. 01. Planning of lighting positions Garden lights are generally located at the entrances and exits of the courtyard green space, corridors, steps, around buildings, waterscape fountains, sculptures, lawn edges, etc. According to the different levels of the courtyard environment, the selection…

    Technology News, News 05/30/2022
  • Wireless smart switch outdoor lighting control scene application

    There are all kinds of outdoor lighting control, and what we need is suitable and free, how to free law? Take a look at the advantages of Ebelong’s wireless smart switches in outdoor lighting control scenarios and you will know. Ebelong’s wireless smart switch is also called a wireless kinetic switch. It is a wireless switch developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology. So what difference can this Ebelong wireless smart switch bring to outdoor lighting control? 1. This smart switch does not require wiring; 2. The wireless switch does not need batteries; 3. The wireless smart switch can quickly realize dual control and multi-control; 4. It is very suitable for installation and modification and upgrading; 5. Anti-electric shock, waterproof IP67 grade, fireproof material; 6. Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platforms, voice, and mobile APP wireless control; 7. The signal is stable, the control distance is long, and it is…

    Technology News, News 05/27/2022
  • Why the wireless kinetic switch is the new king of outdoor lighting control

    There are still many types of light switches, so why is the wireless kinetic switch the new king of outdoor lighting control? Woolen cloth? 1. The wireless kinetic switch does not need to chisel wall wiring; 2. No battery is needed, eliminating the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries in the later stage; 3. IP67 waterproof 4. Anti-electric shock, children and the elderly are more assured to use; 5. Manufacture of fireproof materials; 6. Easy installation: screw fixing, 3M glue sticking and not fixing; 7. Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platform systems, voice and mobile APP control; 8. Easy modification and installation, dual control and multi-control; Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch is a smart switch developed and produced by using micro-energy harvesting and self-powered technology. It supports OEM and ODM customization. Distribution agents are welcome to cooperate and win-win!

    Technology News, News 05/24/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch suppliers teach you how to apply outdoor lighting control

    The wireless kinetic switch supplier teaches you how to apply outdoor lighting control. Many friends may not know there is such a thing as a wireless kinetic energy switch, let alone what this kinetic switch is used for? How is it different from other switches? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch supplier uses micro-energy harvesting and self-generating technology to develop and produce wireless kinetic energy switches. This is a kinetic energy power generation switch that does not require wiring or batteries. Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switches can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used for lighting control, as well as door and window control. What is the difference and advantage of Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch? 1. The switch is free of wiring, no battery, and no trouble to replace the battery; 2. Quickly upgrade and transform into a smart home; 3. Easy dual control and multi-control, sub-regional control; 4. Support Tuya,…

    Technology News, News 05/21/2022
  • The wireless kinetic switch has many application scenarios and is easy to install

    Many people are unaware of the manufacturers of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches. Ebelong is a company that has been focusing on the research and development and application of micro-energy harvesting self-generation technology for more than 10 years. There are many types of products developed, one of which is a wireless kinetic switch. I believe that many people do not know what a wireless kinetic switch is. Here I would like to briefly introduce what a wireless kinetic energy switch is? 1. The wireless kinetic energy switch can be used in lighting control, door and window control, emergency alarm, and the like. 2. This wireless kinetic energy switch does not need wiring or batteries. It relies on kinetic energy to generate electricity, and signal transmission to control lights. Which manufacturers can Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch be used in? 1. Indoor (especially suitable for kitchen, bathroom, damp place); 2. Outdoor (landscape lighting, garden lighting…

    Technology News, News 05/19/2022

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