EBELONG Garden renovation

Pleasurable Lighting Control In Garden

Garden lighting solutions

The Minimalist Solution For Garden Lighting

Take away any stress from chiseling walls and redecorating! Brilliant piece of equipment and so simple to install.

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Outdoor lighting solutions

Turn On The Garden Lights On The Outdoor Table

When the night falls, you can directly turn on the garden lights by a wireless kinetic switch. No network and wiring is required.

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Magical Evening

Cozy Wandering

Wander around a big garden in the evening, and the lights will automatically turn on or off when you are nearby or leave by motion sensor detecting.

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Fantastic Evening On The Terrace

Fantastic Evening On The Terrace

A simple click of the button on your way to the garden to turn on a charming lighting will certainly make the evening more pleasurable and transform any garden meeting into a unique part of your smart home life.

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