DIN Rail Actuators Make Your Lighting System Installation Neat and Uniform

DIN Rail actuators' uniform design and mounting standards make it a versatile and adaptable solution for electrical lighting control systems.

Intelligent Lighting Control

This Dry contact DIN rail actuators support DC 8~36V and dual channels, each channel can reach a maximum current of 16 A. Voice control on/off is possible through smart speakers.

  • Compatible DIN rail type Ω EN 50022

    Compatible DIN rail type Ω EN 50022

    The DIN rail controller is designed to be installed on DIN rail Type Ω EN 50022, it adapts itself to almost all types of electrical panels for housing.

  • 2 Channels

    2 Channels

    One very small size product, 2 channels.

  • Simple junction to the electrical panel

    Simple junction to the electrical panel

    The DIN rail controller is easy to cable to the electrical panel thanks to the terminals neutral, phase, input and output.

  • Supported expansion

    Supported expansion

    Optional gateway pairing to realize app and voice control (google assistant, Amazon Alexa)

Examples Of Use Cases

C21 Series | Rail 10A on/off dual controller

Product modelRF version ERC2105
WiFi version ERC2105-W
ZigBee version ERC2105-Z
Power supplyDC 8~36V
Inputs2 inputs for existing wired switch(es)
Max Load16A(2 way)
Resistive load: 2*2200W
Radio frequencyRF version: RF 433MHz
WiFi version: WiFi 2.4G + RF 433MHz
ZigBee version: ZigBee 2.4G + RF 433MHz
Operating rangeUp to 80m outdoors
Up to 25m indoors
(May vary depending on conditions)
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Memory capacityMaximum 10 switches
Certifications and standardsEN 60669-1:2018
EN IEC55015:2019

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