C2302 Dual-color temperature dimming, colorful life

C2302 Dual-color temperature dimming, colorful life

Dual-channel 0-10V dimming, suitable for a variety of lighting fixtures.

Small controller adapts to multiple scenarios

Small controller adapts to multiple scenarios

The C2302 controller supports dual color temperature mode, which can dimming of the light source, providing a variety of choices of lighting control. Dim the brightness when reading, adjust warm color to protect the eyes and save energy; set cool color when meeting guests to feel comfortable and relax. There must be the most appropriate lighting at any time, let the light change at will, and make life full of ritual.

  • Ultra low profile

    Ultra low profile

    A concentrate of technology and features, in less than 21mm thickness.

  • 2 Channels

    2 Channels

    One very small size product, 2 channels.

  • Compatible with wired switch control

    Compatible with wired switch control

    Wireless kinetic switch and traditional switch can be used at the same time to achieve dual or multiple control easily.

  • Supported expansion

    Supported expansion

    Optional gateway pairing to realize APP and voice control (google assistant, Amazon Alexa)

Examples Of Use Cases

C23 Series | 0-10V dual controller

C2302 0-10V dual controller
Product modelRF version ERC2302
WiFi version ERC2302-W
ZigBee version ERC2302-Z
Power supplyAC100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Operating current20mA per channel
Radio frequencyRF version: RF 433MHz
WiFi version: WiFi 2.4G & RF 433MHz
ZigBee version: ZigBee 2.4G & RF 433MHz
Operating rangeUp to 80m outdoors
Up to 25m indoors
(May vary depending on conditions)
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Memory capacityMaximum 10 switches
Certifications and standardsEN60669-1:2018
EN IEC55015:2019

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