D2 Wireless self-powered door and window sensor

Free Your Hands

D2 wireless kinetic door and window sensor

The door contact switch is used mostly for the window, cabinets, drawers, etc.

It can compatible with EBELONG smart gateway to achieving more “smart home” applications, such as when the window is opened, it will trigger the alarm.

Custom actions

Custom actions

Automatically switch off your heating system if the window is open.

Open the cabinet and the light strip will turn on.

Switch on or off automatically your lights while somebody is entering the room.

Monitor your home, send messages to your phone when there is any abnormality in the state of doors and windows in the home.

Launch the “welcome” scenario as soon as you entering your home after work. Home sweet home.

  • No battery

    No battery

    Harvesting directly its energy from your push, the Door and Window Sensor doesn’t need any battery (and any wire) to operate

  • Wireless


    Advantages of a wireless system (flexibility) without the disadvantages (no battery = no maintenance)

  • Stable installation

    Stable installation

    This Door and Window Sensor can be mounted concealed in the door frame, it also can be mounted externally on the surface of door and being fixed with screws

  • Discreet


    Mount it, and forget it

Examples Of Use Cases

D2 Series | Wireless self-powered door and window sensor

D2 series wireless self-powered door and window sensor
Product ModelED254(white)
Sense PartL50*W47.5*H17mm
Power ModeSelf-powered
Storage CapacityMaximum 10 switches
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Shell MaterialPC
Modulation ModeFSK

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