ECH-103 Smart Gateway EBELONG

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The ECH is the heart and mind of a smart home that constantly cares for the comfort and safety of your entire family.

The smart hub manages and communicates with all smart devices - receives data from sensors, processes all the data and gives an output to perform appropriate actions.

ECH smart Gateway EBELONG

You can control all EBELONG products from the app on your smartphone

Simply add the devices of your rooms in the APP to control the lighting and devices. You can also connect products together and edit them into scenes. For example, you can create a "relaxation scene" where the lights in the living room are dimmed by 50% and the curtains are closed.

  • Smart ? No Internet connection is no longer a problem

    Smart ? No Internet connection is no longer a problem

    The ECH communicates with devices using RF, even when the Internet connection fails. Calculations and operations of the system are performed locally via the smart home HUB.

  • Convenient management dashboards

    Convenient management dashboards

    Explore and set up your plans instantly with intuitive lighting, watering automation via management dashboards.

  • Automation schedules

    Automation schedules

    Let your home adapt to your lifestyle. Prepare schedules according to which your smart home will wake up and fall asleep with you, adjusting the lighting and other characteristics to your needs.

  • Always at hand

    Always at hand

    Simplified management gives us a sense of control over the situation and readiness for any eventuality. Check what is happening at your home, make sure that all devices are turned off under your absence and the house is properly secured.

  • Manage your home via smartphone or tablet

    Manage your home via smartphone or tablet

    The smart home app keeps you in contact with your home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world.

  • Manage your home with your voice

    Manage your home with your voice

    You can manage your EBELONG smart home in many different ways - also with your voice. Say a few words for one of the most popular voice assistants.

Examples Of Use Cases

ECH Series | Smart gateway

ECH smart Gateway EBELONG
Product ModelECH-103
Status IndicatorGreen / Red
Operation Keys1 Key
Power InputDC 12V 1A
Power Connector5.5*2.1mm
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Wireless Doorbell
Control Distance
Outdoor: 70m
Indoor: 35m
Gateway and sub-device
Control Distance
Outdoor: 100m
Indoor: 40m
Communication DistanceIndoor: 50m
Max numbers of doorbell transmiter paired10
Storage Capacity50 controllers & 30 kinetic switches/ door sensors/PIR
Communication ModeWiFi / 802.11b/g/n / RF433MHz

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