Q3 Self-powered dorrbell EBELONG

Your Visitors, Not Afraid Of Wind And Rain

Q3 waterproof wireless kinetic self-powered doorbell

Q3 doorbell provides you with IP67 protection. Even if it is windy, rainy or freezing, it will let you know the visitor information timely.

Q3 Self-powered dorrbell, no battery needed

Do you want to provide doorbells for several doors?

No problem. Put the doorbell in any socket at home and combine it with the wireless button. It can complete your calling system. You can effortlessly pair multiple buttons with the doorbell and provide you with the desired ringtones.

  • No wires no batteries

    No wires no batteries

    Transmitter is kinetic energy.

  • Easy to install

    Easy to install

    The transmitter can be sticked with 3M adhisive tape and the receiver is placed in the socket.

  • Easy to identify the location

    Easy to identify the location

    Each button select a different ringtone, which makes it easy to identify where the bell is ringing.

  • Waterproof has grade IP67

    Waterproof has grade IP67

    Outdoor use is available, under the rainstorm, wind and rain and other extreme weather.

  • Multi-functional call button

    Multi-functional call button

    Emergency calls and alarms available.

  • With LED indicator

    With LED indicator

    It will have eye-catching backlight when someone rings the doorbell, especially for the elderly, the deaf.

Examples Of Use Cases

Q3 The application of self-powered doorbell

The application of self-powered doorbell

Q3 Series | Self-powered doorbell

Q3 Self-powered dorrbell
Transmitter DimensionsL71.91*W45.91*H24.7mm
Power SupplySelf-powered(Transmitter)
Working Temperature-20°C~+55°C
Working FrequencyRF 433MHz
Wireless DistanceOutdoor:100m,Indoor:25m
Receiver DimensionsL74.78*W74.78*H66.56mm
Power SupplyAC100V-240V 50/60Hz(Receiver)
Volume Levels4 + Silence Mode
Sound Volume110dB Max
Ringtone Number40
Storage CapacityMaximum 10 switches
Working Temperature-10℃~+55℃
Plug TypeCN / EU / KR / AU / US

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