EBELONG furniture lighting control

Make your life more ritualistic

Small dimmable controller specially designed for furniture lighting control

Small appearance for easy concealment, can be paired with different wireless kinetic switches and sensors

Small appearance for easy concealment

ERC2801 controller is one of the most smallest controller in Ebelong products. Its small appearance makes it more easier to hide in the corner of furniture.

Diverse product pairing

Paired with diverse products, the controller can realize requirements for different scenes, like turn on the light inside while opening your cabinet.

EBE-LINK exclusive protocol

EBELONG self-developed communication protocol, with low frequency, strong penetration, simple protocol, and no time delay.

Drawer sensor lighting

Paired the controller with an Ebelong door sensor, when you open your drawer, the light inside will turn on imediately.

Wardrobe sensor lighting

when you open your wardrobe to find some popular dresses for a date, the light inside will turn on and help you meet a best option.


ERC2801 controller can help you adjust the light brightness of furniture lighting, more atmosphere and more energy-saving.

Examples Of Use Cases

  • Display case lighting

    Display case lighting

  • Wardrobe sensor lighting

    Wardrobe sensor lighting

  • Drawer sensor lighting

    Drawer sensor lighting

  • Cabinet sensing lighting

    Cabinet sensing lighting

ERC2801 Series | Furniture lighting controller

ERC2801 Series Furniture lighting controller
Product ModelERC2801
Power SupplyDC 5-48V
Output1 way
Max Current3A
Max Load150w
Radio FrequencyRF 433 MHz
Work Range50m (outdoor) 
Storage capacityUp to 10 switches can be paired
Installation methodscrew
DimensionsL*W*H 42*60*12.5mm
RF Receive Sensitivity-110dBm
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ +40℃
Work Humidity5%-85% RH
Protection indexIp20

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