H3 series millimeter wave human presence detection sensor

Millimeter wave sensor supported static detection

H3 series millimeter wave human presence detection sensor

Static detection | mobile detection | Embedded installation | intelligent sensing | lighting control

Static detection

The H3 series controllers can monitor the stationary human body, adding "human presence" conditions for smart control

Mobile detection

it can also monitor the moving human body, adding "human move" conditions for smart control

Embedded installation

It can be embedded in the ceiling to avoid affecting the beauty of the space

Sensor control

Combined with our smart controllers, you can set your own IOT system and realize a smart sensor control.

Examples Of Use Cases

H3 Series | Millimeter wave sensor

H3 series millimeter wave human presence detection sensor
Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
FrequencyRF 433MHz
Operating Range80m (space), 30m (partition wall)
Radar Frequency24GHz
Installation Height2.6-3m (Celling)
Ceiling Opening75mm
Detection RangeRadial 4.5 m
Illumination range0-2000lux
Motion sensitivityDefault 20 (0-100)
Rest sensitivityDefault 40 (0-100)
Azimuth Angle±45°
Delay Time5-10s Turn off the lights
Work Temperature-10℃~+50℃
Pilot LampRed
Install ModeCeiling recessed: positioning spring fixed
Use EnvironmentIndoor use only (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
Executive StandardGB4943.1-2022

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