Do you know wireless smart door sensor

Wireless smart door sensor:

A door contact sensor is a peripheral security sensor that lets a security system know whether a door is opened or closed. Magnetic door sensors called reed switches or sensors that use a magnet to establish a bond between two surface. Magnetic door sensors are commonly used in security systems to trigger the opening and closing of doors and windows. It consists of two parts encased in a plastic shell (a magnet and a sensor/switch).

Do you know wireless smart door sensor

Wireless smart door sensor work:

A magnetic switch in or on the door frame is held close to a door magnet in or at the top of the door. In combination, it basically works by opening/closing a reed switch by using the magnet’s magnetic field. When the two parts are next to each other the switch is closed and light off and when they are far apart the switch is open and light on.

Mechanical contact switches contain a push button-actuated switch that is recessed into a surface. An item is placed on it that depresses the switch, Which contain kinetic energy. when the magnetic field are far from the switch then the light is light on. There is a wide variety of magnetic switch form factors for every need. Switches are available both for surface mount and for concealment within the door and its frame. Economical switches are usually surface mounted and enclosed in a plastic case, whereas better switches may be concealed. Switches are made for unique applications, such as concealment within a wood door or a hollow metal door. These cannot be substituted for each other. Switches rated for industrial or outdoor use may be fitted with heavy aluminum enclosures, some even with integral conduit fittings.

Ebelong wireless sensor

Wireless smart door sensor security:

Security systems and smart home technology are an amazing combination. They bring new and improved ways for homeowners and renters to protect their property. Door/window sensor is another “virtual” eye of your home. They detect when a door or window is opened or closed, providing you with a trigger for automating your home. Also you can monitor the status of the door/window sensor from your mobile phone. Switches can be visible or hidden and afford good protection against opening a door. So it can be use as a security perpose.Home security is important year-round, but the associated costs can add up quickly. Security equipment of all kinds gets cheaper by the day, though, including detectors, lights, contact sensors and other systems that don’t require professional installation. Automating your household or office is now, more than ever, a real possibility. Thanks to the EBELONG. An EBELONG door sensor is only one among many different types of devices that you can use to enhance a building’s function as well as its security. The smart door and window sensor can integrate with EBELONG Gateway so that you can control the sensor by through of APP. The EBELONG wireless smart door sensor will be the trend of door/window sensor.

Ebelong wireless door sensor

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