• Self-generating wireless switch energy saving and emission reduction, green life support low carbon

    Self-generating wireless switch energy saving and emission reduction, green life support low carbon

    Technology News, News 09/29/2022
  • Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

    Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system, sustainable and scalable energy-saving and efficient system for smart homes and smart buildings. Significantly reduce energy consumption Lights on when people come lights off when people leave, automatically adjusts light brightness, air conditioning temperature, etc. with environmental changes. The intelligent control system equipped with sensors, controllers, and gateways provides you with a full range of automation experiences, improving energy utilization efficiency and high sustainability. Self-generating control, constant and stable The wireless kinetic switch achieves control by acquiring kinetic energy generated by fingertip presses, eliminating the need for wiring and batteries, greatly reducing the use of cables, lowering the consumption of raw materials such as plastic and copper as well as batteries, reducing the transformation work hours and material costs, and eliminating maintenance at a later stage, improving the overall stability of the system. Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement The product portfolio of…

    Technology News, News 09/27/2022
  • How self-generated switches respond to double carbon targets

    How to achieve the dual-carbon goal in response to the self-generated switch of Ebelong? What are the ways to achieve the double carbon goal? The self-generated switch does not need to cut wall wiring, does not use a battery, is IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, voice and cell phone APP control, supports Huawei HiLink, Doodle, and other platforms multi-protocol, easy installation, simple use, and meets the requirements of low-carbon green environment. Self-generated switch without chiseling wall wiring, reducing resources, labor costs, dust and noise pollution, without batteries, it eliminates the need for post-maintenance, without the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries, support customization, welcome cooperation. The “double carbon” also has a certain impact on traditional industries. To reach the double carbon goal, all employees should participate in it and advocate the concept of low-carbon life; carbon emission reduction in the construction field is a crucial…

    Technology News, News 09/26/2022
  • Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection

    Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection, what is “green environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon life”? “Low-carbon life” means that the energy consumed in life should be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing pollution to the atmosphere and slowing down ecological degradation, mainly by changing the details of life from three aspects: electricity and gas saving and recycling. What are those methods for energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, and green life beyond the Ebelong self-powered switch? Simply list a few to see. Then you have to understand some features of Ebelong self-powered switch you will naturally know. The self-powered switch uses micro-energy harvesting technology to develop and produce, no need to chisel the wall wiring, no batteries, with IP67 level waterproof, shock-proof, easy multi-control, intelligent voice and cell phone APP wireless control, simple installation, fast movement, maintenance-free, suitable for retrofit, modification, and…

    Technology News, News 09/24/2022
  • Green wireless self-powered switch for house decoration has come into being

    Green is the theme of the world, advocate green, realize environmental protection, Ebelong wireless self-powered switch is good to realize green and reduce energy consumption. Ebelong wireless self-powered switch is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting technology, no need to chisel the wall wiring, no batteries, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electricity, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent remote control (voice and mobile APP), multi-platform, multi-protocol, simple installation, easy to move, and support customization. How to do environmental housing home improvement? How to achieve greenhouse home and community decoration? How to achieve green when decorating the office? The company has always advocated environmentally friendly decoration, design, focus, and creativity to create a green and harmonious office environment, dedicated to the majority of homeowners and friends to provide the ideal decoration services, the following take a look at how to achieve green when office decoration. Office renovation, according to the environmental standards of building materials, construction selection of pressure-resistant,…

    Technology News, News 09/19/2022
  • Green low-carbon environmental protection construction self-powered switch responds quickly

    On all aspects of accelerating the establishment of a sound green low carbon cycle development economic system, one of the aspects, Ebelong self-powered switch responds quickly to green low carbon environmental protection construction. The self-powered switch is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology, which can realize passive wireless and respond to green low-carbon specific benefits as follows. 1、No need to chisel the wall wiring Eliminating the labor cost and workload of chiseling the wall wiring, reducing the cost of wires and pipes, reducing the pollution of chiseling the wall, and saving time, energy, and resources. 2、No need to use batteries The self-powered switch does not use batteries, which saves energy and avoids the maintenance of battery replacement and disposal of used batteries at a later stage. 3、IP67 level waterproof and electric shockproof Ebelong self-powered switch has IP67 level waterproof and anti-electrocution, which will be more widely and safely applied. 4、Easy installation and convenient…

    Technology News, News 09/16/2022
  • What is the convenience of wireless kinetic switch in real application

    It is estimated that many friends are still unclear about what is the wireless kinetic switch of Ebelong? To what extent is it convenient in a real application? First, we should briefly understand the working principle and structure of the wireless kinetic switch The working principle is the use of micro-energy harvesting technology research and development production, press the power transmission signal, the benefits of many of the following in detail. The structure is very simple: power generation module, waterproof silicone, spring, shell, cover, transmission device, PCBA. what are the different functions of the wireless kinetic switch composed of these parts? What is the special difference between Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and other switches, let’s take a look, right? 1. the wireless kinetic switch does not require wiring, eliminating materials and labor, also reducing pollution, easy to install and use. 2. It also doesn’t use batteries, Ebelong switch relies on pressing to…

    Technology News, News 09/15/2022
  • Building automation system wireless kinetic switch flexible application which

    The application of technology in life is quite mature nowadays, and the wireless kinetic switch of building automation system is flexibly applied in it, which makes building intelligent control more simple and easy to realize, easy to use, easy to install, easy to Ebelong wireless kinetic switch without wiring, without battery, easy to multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-touch, wireless intelligent control and other advantages, supporting OEM and ODM customization. The purpose of designing a system for building an automation system The main purpose of designing a building automation system is to analyze, categorize, process and judge the information of various electromechanical equipment in the building, adopt the most optimal control means, and centralize monitoring and management of each system equipment, so that each subsystem equipment always operates in an orderly, coordinated, efficient and orderly state; in an efficient, comfortable and safe working environment created, reduce the systems In the creation of…

    Technology News, News 09/14/2022
  • Energy-saving lamp control system wireless self-powered switch + lighting controller + intelligent gateway

    Ebelong wireless self-powered switch + lighting controller + intelligent gateway has provided considerable help for the energy-saving lighting control system, let us understand together. Ebelong wireless self-powered switch does not need to chisel the wall for wiring, the wall can be more protected, avoid more pollution, reduce the cost of labor and materials such as wires, and the later maintenance is simpler and faster. Since this wireless self-powered switch does not need wiring, does it need a battery? There is no need for batteries. Without batteries, there is no trouble in replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries. It also saves energy, which is very convenient. The wireless self-powered switch is developed and produced by using micro-energy harvesting technology. battery. Since the wireless self-powered switch does not need wiring or batteries, its installation will be very simple and convenient, and it will easily realize multiple controls, which is very suitable…

    Technology News, News 09/12/2022
  • Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution

    Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution, under the double carbon policy, wisdom office is relevant to practical action and takes the lead to respond to the call. The wireless kinetic switch is environmentally friendly and green, no need to cut the wall wiring, save materials, save labor and reduce pollution, no need to use batteries, energy saving, and environmental protection, and no worries about replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries, and no need to worry about when the switch will run out of power. Wireless kinetic switch with IP67 level waterproof, multi-key switch, easy dual and multi-control, easy to install, easy to use, support wireless intelligent voice and cell phone APP control, easy to move, no need to fix handheld are available, suitable for retrofitting, modification, new installation, OEM and ODM customization, more understanding welcome attention. What is the wisdom of the office? The fast installation mode subverts the…

    Technology News, News 09/06/2022

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