• The blockbuster of Canton Fair, meet a wireless battery-free lighting control

    Two days ago, the 134th Canton Fair ended successfully. As the biggest foreign trade exhibition of China, the Canton Fair attracted 28,533 exhibitors and more than 100,000 clients all over the world. As one of the blockbusters of lighting venues, we are so glad to see that many new friends come and experience our new products. We have seen many new faces from Russia, Korea, India, Philippines, Arab, Jordan, Iraq, and many other countries, discussing about the prospects of the wireless kinetic switch application in different countries. As the leader of wireless kinetic products, we insist on providing clients with products that meet their local demands and standards. To achieve this, by the end of 2022, Ebelong has developed nearly 400 core technology patents from different countries, such as America, Europe, Germany, Japan, Korea, and China. Appearance can be imitated, strength can not be imitated. Due to our unique micro-kinetic…

    Company News, News, 未分类 10/21/2023
  • New product introduction: American standard self-powered doorbell instrution

    We are glad to introduce you to our new product: American standard self-powered doorbell instrution, ERD06 series. Which is equipped with Q3 self-powered doorbell transmitter, and can bring you a wireless, battery-free, more smarter doorbell control. Due to our core micro-kinetic energy acquisition technology, our self-powered doorbell can convert the micro-kinetic energy of your pressing to stable electrical energy, and send out the signals immediately. The instrution recives the signals and ringing. The transmitter doesn’t need batteries and wires to run, so it can be pasted anywhere, and need less maintenance. Our EDR06 series match the American standard, so maybe you can try to sell them to your American clients. The new instrution can receive the signals in a long distance, so that you can install it in your bedroom, kitchen, or balcony, and match it with multiple transmitters pasted on different doors. You can set these transmitters to different…

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