• Smart home application

    Act faster In the event of an alarm, you and others assess the situation by immediately watching live on the camera. In practice, this happens in an average of 2 minutes. Images are automatically recorded and the siren will sound as you quickly call in neighbors, family or emergency services. This is faster than traditional security or alarm system with control room. A fire or burglary is thus better prevented. This is part of Smart home application Evidence on video Smart motion-sensing cameras record when something is going on. You can store the images in the Cloud, on an SD card in the camera or on the smartphone / tablet itself. The sensor in the camera does not go off with pets, shadow, or light, so you do not have false alarms. You can also always watch live with the camera and assess the situation if an alarm message comes in….

    Technology News, News 12/16/2022
  • How wireless self-powered door contact switch work and what they do?

    The wireless self-powered door contact switch in our life can generally be divided into three major components: door contact switch, door contact switch sensor (detector) and door contact switch alarm. Some access control systems are based on intelligent buses and the same system platform, so that the intelligent terminal of the smart home can easily access the visual doorbell system doorstep machine and management centre to achieve visitor intercom, message, stay and access control functions, becoming the first line of defence for our family security. These can also be equipped with smart proximity cards and fingerprint locks at the same time, which can achieve intelligent linkage, such as synchronization the disarming of alarms and turning on the corresponding lights or modes. How wireless self-powered door contact switch work? The wireless self-powered door contact switch system is a security alarm system that is not easily visible if you are not paying…

    Technology News, News 11/24/2022
  • What about the TUYA smart home wireless self-powered switch

    How about TUYA Smart Home Wireless Self-Powered Switch? Ebelong wireless self-powered switch does not need to chisel the wall wiring, does not need to use batteries, easy to achieve multiple control, voice and cell phone APP wireless remote control, simple install, easy to move, easy to use, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, suitable for a new installation, retrofit, and modification, more suitable for outdoor and wet area use. What are the benefits to consumers from the implementation of the TUYA Smart Home Ebelong wireless self-powered switch? 1、Easy control of devices You can easily adjust the brightness and color of smart lights, with thousands of colors for you to choose from; you can open and close smart curtains while lying in bed; set the temperature and operation mode of air conditioners; turn on air purifiers according to the family air condition; you can also control with voice and cell phone APP, which can…

    Technology News, News 10/17/2022
  • Huawei HiLink smart home Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch support implementation

    Huawei HiLink smart home is supported by Shenzhen Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, making a modest contribution to a green and environment-friendly smart home. The smart home system platform includes Huawei HiLink, graffiti, and other platforms. Now let’s talk about how Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch integrates with Huawei HiLink smart home system platform to create a green home smart life. What is the meaning of Huawei HiLink smart home wireless kinetic switch participating in achieving more perfection? Build a cooperative ecosystem of the Internet of Things based on the principle of “brand symbiosis, traffic sharing, and consistent experience”. EBL wireless kinetic energy switch is developed and produced using micro energy acquisition technology. It does not require wall chiseling wiring or batteries. It supports multi-protocol, voice and mobile phone APP control, IP67 waterproof, electric shockproof, and easy multi-control. From the above advantages, it can be concluded that it is very convenient to implement…

    Technology News, News 10/12/2022
  • Self-powered switch helps smart home easily realize

    The self-powered switch helps smart homes easily realize, why do you say that? Because the Ebelong self-powered switch is developed and produced by using micro-energy collection technology. The characteristics of the self-powered switch are that it does not need to connect wires or batteries. It relies on pressing self-powered, signal transmission to control the status of lamps, and supports voice and mobile APP wireless. Intelligent control, easy multi-control, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, easy to install, easy to use, easy for a new installation, installation, and modification, very suitable for self-powered switches used in smart homes. Ebelong self-powered switch supports OEM and ODM customization, more functions are welcome. What exactly is a smart home? What does a smart home mean? The smart home is an integrated multi-functional technology system. At present, major Internet manufacturers are exploring the road of product intelligence. Let the home network, be the goal of Internet manufacturers. In a smart home,…

    Technology News, News 08/25/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch for smart home is a trend

    The scenarios imagined in the past are now being realized step by step. Our requirements for home life are not only satisfied with the house but have begun to pursue the higher technology and better quality of life brought by smart home. In addition to enjoying the convenience brought by technology, the requirements for home life are gradually increasing, so in this era of environmental development, the rapid development of smart homes is an inevitable trend. With the continuous advancement of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, intelligence has gradually penetrated and changed all aspects of people’s lives. People’s pursuit of high-quality life under the blessing of intelligence has driven the rapid development of the smart home industry. Development, the use of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches in smart homes is a trend. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not require wiring or batteries, supports…

    Technology News, News 06/08/2022
  • Unicom home equipment to create a smart home

    EBELONG currently has 7 product categories, covering smart sockets, light control switches, smart dimming, smart curtain motors, etc., which can easily realize the interconnection of equipment and create a variety of whole-house smart scenes. Home mode One-click to turn on home mode when you get home from get off work. The lights are on, the curtains are opened, music is played, and the TV is automatically turned on. A caring home that heals your day’s fatigue. Leave home mode You’re running late for work, but the lights in your room and bathroom haven’t been turned off? Don’t worry, you can turn on the leave home mode with the switch nearby the door, all the lights are gradually turned off, the curtains close slowly, and the TV is turned off. It is not awkward to go out in a hurry, and the leave home mode gives you peace of mind. Entertainment mode The weekend…

    Technology News, News 05/10/2022
  • Smart home applications promoted by wireless kinetic switch manufacturers

    As a wireless kinetic switch manufacturer, Ebelong uses micro-energy harvesting and self-powered technology to develop a wireless light switch. This switch can not only change your lighting control, make your home life more intelligent, and make your outdoor lighting control more user-friendly, but maybe you can also Change your career development, why do you say that? 1. How does the wireless kinetic switch make your home life more intelligent and convenient? (1) The kinetic energy switch part does not need to chisel the wall wiring, which makes the wall more firm and beautiful; (2) The kinetic switch does not need to use batteries, and there is no trouble in replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries in the later stage; (3) Easily realize dual-control, multi-control, and sub-regional wireless control; (4) Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platform protocols, and voice and mobile APP control is easy; (5) The position of the wireless…

    Technology News, News 04/27/2022
  • The main value of wireless light switches in smart home

    The Internet of Things is the key link of the new generation of information technology, and it is also an important development stage in the information age and the digital age. The core of the development of IoT technology is the innovation of user experience. With the continuous progress of IoT technology, its application in daily life is becoming more and more extensive. In this context, the development of the Internet of Things has further driven the rapid growth of the residential electronic integration industry and the smart home industry. As an important part of smart home, wireless light switch plays a key role. The main advantages of wireless light switches in smart homes are that there is no need to dig wall wiring, no batteries, no need to worry about the risk of electric shock, IP67 waterproof, simple installation, easy dual control, and multi-control, support Tuya platform, and wireless…

    Technology News, News 03/30/2022
  • Home furnishing under IoT – wireless smart switch

    What is the smart home under IoT? What role can Ebelong’s wireless smart switches play in smart homes? 1. Smart security Smart security solution: 360°protection of the home is realized through smart door locks, smart door sensors, smart cameras, environmental monitoring alarms, infrared human body sensor alarms, etc. °Watch the picture from the camera. It can monitor and notify users of dangers such as strangers intrusion, fire, and natural gas leakage in real-time. Scenario mode: When the detector detects that someone has entered the home illegally, the home alarm host will immediately transmit the alarm signal to the community management center or the phone designated by the user, so that the security personnel can quickly deal with the police, and the alarm host of the community management center will record. The information below is available for review. 2. Smart control Intelligent control solution: Through infrared remote control, smart box, intelligent host,…

    Technology News, News 03/28/2022

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