Why do I need a wireless smart switch

The light switch is something we have to buy in the renovation, the common light switch is usually a key to control a lamp or a group of lights, a standard box switch can have 1 gang, 2gangs or 3 gangs switch, depending on whether a switch can control the light in one place or two places, the switch can be divided into single control or double control.

Why Do I Need A Wireless Smart Switch

In decoration, if a bedroom light switch is a triple-control, the bedroom lights can be controlled by the door switch and the switch on both sides of the bed, respectively but will increase the workload and cost.

But as smart homes become more common, there are more possibilities for light control.

If you want user-friendly, that’s a nice way of putting it, but the big truth is if you’re lazy and forgetful. For example, I lie on the sofa and don’t bother to turn off the light.

If you want to save money. Ready to decorate, with smart switch can reduce wiring, the traditional double control or triple control are not needed to reduce costs.

For those who have already decorated, you can add a wireless switch anywhere, with induction and scene-setting to achieve automation by using smart switches.

you can add a wireless switch anywhere

My ideal condition is to have a light switch where you need it, such as when you sit at the table and look in the mirror when you take a bath and need a shower light. Still, they’re usually in front of the restaurant, the kitchen, the bathroom, but I can’t put them on the table, on the mirror, or the shower glass, so I want to have automation. According to this line of thought, I hope that the lights at home can be smart enough to “Understand” my thoughts. And what I’m trying to say is, you have to understand yourself before the device can understand you.

Now only need to have Ebelong smart gateway, with the use of Ebelong smart wireless kinetic products, be more environmentally friendly and efficient to achieve a variety of scenes control.

with the use of Ebelong smart wireless kinetic products

There are millions of people in the world who have ten million needs, and every home environment is different, and you have to know your needs before you can use the equipment better.

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