How self-generated switches respond to double carbon targets

How to achieve the dual-carbon goal in response to the self-generated switch of Ebelong? What are the ways to achieve the double carbon goal?

How self-generated switches respond to double carbon targets

The self-generated switch does not need to cut wall wiring, does not use a battery, is IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, voice and cell phone APP control, supports Huawei HiLink, Doodle, and other platforms multi-protocol, easy installation, simple use, and meets the requirements of low-carbon green environment.

Self-generated switch without chiseling wall wiring, reducing resources, labor costs, dust and noise pollution, without batteries, it eliminates the need for post-maintenance, without the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries, support customization, welcome cooperation.

The “double carbon” also has a certain impact on traditional industries. To reach the double carbon goal, all employees should participate in it and advocate the concept of low-carbon life; carbon emission reduction in the construction field is a crucial part, and the continuous promotion of green building development is an important means to achieve carbon emission reduction.

self-generated switches

What can we do to achieve the double carbon target?

We can do the following to achieve the double carbon goal.

1, the daily rice water can be used to wash hands, wash face, wash away the dishes containing oil, wipe furniture, water flowers, etc… It is clean, hygienic, and naturally nourishing.

2, the waste newspaper pavement in the bottom of the closet, not only can absorb moisture, but also absorb odors in the closet; can also scrub the glass, and reduce the use of polluting environmental glass cleaner.

3, used mask paper can be used to wipe jewelry, wipe the surface of furniture or wipe the belt, not only wipe bright but also can leave the aroma of mask paper.

4, after soaking the tea residue, dry it, and make a tea pillow, both comfortable and can help improve sleep; can also be used to wash dishes, the original material for hand soap, dried in the sun can absorb odors.

5, go out shopping, try to bring their own environmental bags, either free or paid plastic bags, and reduce their use.

6. Bring your own drinking cups when you go out and reduce the use of disposable cups.

7、Use more permanent chopsticks and lunch boxes, try to bring your own tableware, and avoid using disposable tableware.

8、Make a habit of turning off the power of electrical appliances to avoid wasting electricity.

Ebelong self-generated switch

Professional perspective, how to help China achieve the double carbon goal

China’s “double carbon” goal is essentially a low-carbon transition. Carbon neutrality is a long-term goal, and after reaching the peak, more vigorous emission reduction is needed to achieve carbon neutrality. A carbon peak is a peak with the goal of carbon neutrality, a peak to ensure high-quality economic development, and a peak to promote the optimization of industrial structure and technological progress to gradually reduce carbon intensity, rather than a peak of carbon emissions, let alone a peak. Carbon neutrality is a new development path for China’s economic and social development, which is cost-effective, economically and socially beneficial, and is a milestone for the low-carbon transformation and profound progress of the economy and society.

In order to achieve the “double carbon” goal, we must significantly reduce the direct consumption of coal, especially the consumption of bulk coal, reduce the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption, and gradually get rid of the high dependence on coal is the fundamental solution.

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