What is a self-powered wireless switch?

What is a Self-Powered wireless switch? the self-powered wireless switch is totally wireless and powered by itself.

The Self-Powered wireless light switch is the best way for any light switch installation, it can be installed in minutes and it doesn’t need to cut holes into walls, install conduit, or fish wires. It is safer, more convenient, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

What is a Self-Powered wireless switch

The light switch requires no batteries or wires because of a built-in micro-generator that creates a small amount of electricity every time the switch is pressed. Where you put the switch is pretty essential. They must be accessible for everyone in your home, and ideally in a place anywhere you want, you don’t need to walk into a dark space to reach them.

Compared with traditional light switches, this innovative technology has some advantages.

The wireless light switch is completely wireless and uses a radio signal to tell your light to turn on or off.

It does not require a physical connection to the circuits it controls, nor does it need to be connected to its own power supply.

There are currently three ways of self-powered generation on the market

Wireless kinetic energy switch requires no batteries

Battery-powered is the cheapest wireless switch.

These aren’t ideal because you’ll have to replace the batteries over time, and you can’t monitor the battery level. One day it’ll suddenly stop working, which may be inconvenient. You must have experienced such a bad situation.

What is a self-powered wireless switch?

Another one is solar-powered. These aren’t too common but provide another way to power switches without wires, like many calculators, using ambient light and converting it into electrical energy.

However, the most common and best type of self-powered wireless switch is a kinetic one.

They use simple kinetic power, so when you press a switch with your finger, the module collects the kinetic energy of the movement and converts it into electricity to power the transmitter.

Wireless kinetic energy switch transmission technology

The amount of electricity produced is minimal. Still, it’s enough to make the transmitter work because it’s a simple RF signal. So the wireless switch will work as long as the mechanical parts inside can stand it and most manufacturers claim it will last for 50 to 60 years.

The self-powered switch developed by EBELONG is suitable for indoor and outdoor, and the different needs of various markets at home and abroad. Our products involve wireless kinetic energy switches, controllers, sensors, gateways, doorbells, sockets, and the industry involves lights, gates, and blinds, Energy saving, safety, garden, and automating your home.

In the area of Energy Harvesting, EBELONG has filed different patent applications and has already been granted nearly 400 different patents. All of our energy harvesting product patents have been assessed by the Global patent certification institution and certified there is no infringement to any other competitors.

We are looking forward confidently to becoming the global leader in the field of wireless self-powered technology, letting every family benefit from EBELONG products.

Wireless kinetic energy switch patent

We hope that our lives will be more convenient, safer, and smarter. We can contribute to the cause of environmental protection and truly realize our green, healthy and safe world.

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