The era of wireless smart switch

With the development of electronic technology, wireless technology is playing an increasingly important role in intelligence. What will our home look like in the future? Is it turning on the air conditioner at the touch of a button on the way home from work in summer, or turning off the lights in your bedroom with a tap from your warm bed on a winter night? The development of technology has facilitated people’s lives, and smart home products are the propellant that promotes smart and convenient life.

Nowadays, society has entered the era of intelligence. With a smartphone, people can give orders remotely to lamps, appliances, and curtains in their homes, do whatever they want, and live a smart life. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the magical use of wireless smart homes, but we must not forget the unknown behind-the-scenes hero—wireless smart switch. It is because of the wireless smart switches’ strong support that wireless smart homes can be installed quickly, operated easily, and remotely controlled.

Controller installation method with wireless smart switch

Recently, Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an expert on the IoT, said that the huge demand in the market has started the consumption boom of wireless smart switches. Wireless smart switch breaks the limitation of time and space through the characteristics of free wiring and strong mobility. Through remote or centralized control, it can easily control the household equipment of the whole family and become an important device to help the development of a wireless smart home.

The biggest disadvantage of wired smart homes is that they have to go through walls and integrated wiring. In fact, the main reason behind it is that traditional switch wiring has only one live wire, and smart home switches also need one. One wire is powered separately, so two wires need to be powered, which requires chiseling wall wiring. To overcome this problem, the only way is to use self-powered technology. Ebelong has developed a smart switch based on self-powered technology.

Ebelong self-powered switch smart control

Due to the accelerated pace of life, the installation and commissioning of household equipment are required to be quick and convenient. Therefore, simple installation, convenient networking, and rapid debugging are the future development trends of smart homes. Wireless smart homes based on self-powered technology do not require wiring, are highly mobile, can add devices at will, plug and play, and it uses wireless connections to achieve A smart switch controls all the lights, curtains, electrical appliances, access control, and other equipment, saving the trouble of wiring, and can also achieve intelligent lighting where the lights are turned on when people come and the lights are off when people go.

S2 wireless self-powered switch and controller

Xiang Zhonghong, secretary-general of the Intelligent Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, believes that the market prospects of smart homes have been revealed, and consumers are also getting to know the charm of high-tech products. Many refurbished houses cannot be equipped with wired smart homes. The wireless smart switches have resolved the trouble of integrated wiring and removed obstacles for wireless smart homes to enter the secondary decoration houses. Thereby, promoting the rapid popularization of wireless smart switches and assisting the development of the industry is significant.

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