• Smart home application

    Act faster In the event of an alarm, you and others assess the situation by immediately watching live on the camera. In practice, this happens in an average of 2 minutes. Images are automatically recorded and the siren will sound as you quickly call in neighbors, family or emergency services. This is faster than traditional security or alarm system with control room. A fire or burglary is thus better prevented. This is part of Smart home application Evidence on video Smart motion-sensing cameras record when something is going on. You can store the images in the Cloud, on an SD card in the camera or on the smartphone / tablet itself. The sensor in the camera does not go off with pets, shadow, or light, so you do not have false alarms. You can also always watch live with the camera and assess the situation if an alarm message comes in….

    Technology News, News 12/16/2022
  • Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches

    In life, switches can be seen everywhere, and most of them are inseparable from the battery and wires. However, we often encounter problems when using the battery, for instance, it is troublesome to replace the battery, batteries are easy to corrode in a humid environment, or the waste batteries may cause serious environmental pollution. Wires also have a high cost, and need to chisel the wall, need manpower to install, time consuming, very complicated procedures, Do you know that wireless switch control can actually work without batteries and wires? If your light switches aren’t the easiest to get to, there is a modern solution – wireless light switches. This innovative tech offers a few benefits over a traditional light switch. A wireless light switch is completely wireless and uses a radio signal to tell your light to turn on or off. Some models are powered by batteries or solar, but…

    Technology News, News 12/14/2022
  • Dry Contact: What is it?

    Dry Contact: What is it? Luckily, there’s no H2O involved in wetted contacts. “Wetting” in electrical terms has to do with current flowing from a voltage source. So, what is a dry contact? Also known as a passive contact, dry contacts don’t have power or voltage supplied directly from the switch. Instead, it comes from another source. These contacts act like a simple switch that can open or close the circuit without the need for an applied voltage to make that change happen. Think of a light switch.Dry contacts change state when acted upon by an outside source. Where are dry contacts used? Dry contacts are ideally adaptable for these low-voltage circuits. They are used for burglar and fire alarms, as well as in relays. The key point of EBELONG dry contact solution is that dry contact receiver(ERC2204/ERC2206) allows you to control low current equipment by wireless self-powered switches. It is used…

    Technology News, News 12/12/2022
  • Working principle and difference between microwave induction and infrared induction

    Microwave inductor, microwave inductor, or microwave radar, microwave inductive switch, is mainly realized by the Doppler effect of electromagnetic wave. Any wave has the characteristic of reflection. When a wave of a certain frequency touches a barrier, part of the wave will be reflected back. If the barrier is stationary, the wavelength of the reflected wave will be constant. If the barrier moves toward the wave source, the wavelength of the reflected wave will be shorter than the wavelength of the wave source. If the barrier moves away from the wave source, the wavelength of the reflected wave will be longer than the wavelength of the wave source, It means the change of frequency. In short, if the barrier is stationary, the wavelength and frequency will not change. If the barrier moves, the wavelength and frequency will change. Microwave induction is to transmit microwave within a certain range, and then…

    Technology News, News 12/09/2022
  • Smart Lighting Solution

    The smart Lighting technology includes all the necessary elements that make up a lighting solution, whether they are lighting features and performance, dimming capabilities, smart lighting functionalities or system integration. Understanding all the individual components, their functions and impact on the result enables Unlimited to provide solutions that match the application’s as well as the customer’s demands, offering exceptional flexibility. The technology creates synergy by connecting the individual parts. Below you will find some definitions of the technologies we incorporate into our solutions. Smart lighting technology allows us to go far beyond providing visibility. The solution that suits your application is one that takes the specific application, requirements into consideration, optimizing usability and comfort. Lighting is capable of more than being switched on, switched off or being dimmed. It can have features like changing hues – tunable shades of white or colors -, functions like daylight sensing and automated programs…

    Technology News, News 12/07/2022
  • Home Automation Partner

    Ebelong keep offering products in simplicity to align with demand of customers, including PIR, door contact, curtain controller, garage controller, it would be integrated in to any home automation system and make it more feasible and convenient

    Technology News, News 12/05/2022
  • Which wireless doorbell is best?

    Wireless doorbells have become relatively cheap, making them a great option to replace the traditional doorbells that don’t offer as many useful features. The wireless versions are also easier to install as no wiring is required. They also come loaded with features such as adjustable volume and a large selection of chimes. The Ebelong Self-powered Doorbell is the best high-end doorbell offering A security alert and waterproof function What to know before you buy a wireless doorbell Range The receiver unit needs to be within the doorbell range for it to work. Most wireless doorbells offer at least 100 feet of range, while the premium models will be more than 400 feet. Remember that you might not get the same range as the product specifications as interference can occur. You can expect the real-life range to be around 30% less than manufacturer specifications. Power Most doorbells need batteries or WIFI,…

    Technology News, News 11/28/2022
  • How wireless self-powered door contact switch work and what they do?

    The wireless self-powered door contact switch in our life can generally be divided into three major components: door contact switch, door contact switch sensor (detector) and door contact switch alarm. Some access control systems are based on intelligent buses and the same system platform, so that the intelligent terminal of the smart home can easily access the visual doorbell system doorstep machine and management centre to achieve visitor intercom, message, stay and access control functions, becoming the first line of defence for our family security. These can also be equipped with smart proximity cards and fingerprint locks at the same time, which can achieve intelligent linkage, such as synchronization the disarming of alarms and turning on the corresponding lights or modes. How wireless self-powered door contact switch work? The wireless self-powered door contact switch system is a security alarm system that is not easily visible if you are not paying…

    Technology News, News 11/24/2022
  • A brand-new lighting control renovation solution

    Home renovations are lengthy and expensive, looks like a huge job from the very beginning and be a messy process, so it’s important that you are done right from the start to save yourself time, money, and headaches. Particularly when you have service provider working in some areas of your home, yet it will certainly be very easy to run if you simplify right into many little jobs as well as keep costs down as you make restorations. Work with a service provider and developer to develop blueprints and a prepare for your renovations. Think of a listing of points you need as well as a checklist of things that you desire, which can assist make future budgeting decisions easier. Pick a strategy of which projects you intend to begin initially. Renovating a house is costly and oftentimes ends up costing more than you think. Relying on just how large…

    Technology News, News 11/21/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switches facilitate the design of electrical lighting systems for super high-rise buildings

    The electrical design of super high-rise buildings should be different from general buildings. Therefore, the wireless kinetic switch of EBELONG provides convenience for the design of the electrical lighting system of super high-rise buildings. Designers should consider the characteristics of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, and do a good job of site investigation, grasp the correct design ideas, scientifically deploy the relationship between different systems, reasonably select and design the form of the power distribution system, so as to make the system operate with strong stability and safety, comprehensively improve the effect of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, prolong the service life of equipment, and highlight the advantages of modern building electrical design. What convenience can the wireless kinetic switch bring to the design of the lighting system of a super high-rise building? The wireless kinetic switch is developed with micro energy collection, no wiring, no battery, anti-electrical shock,…

    Technology News, News 11/11/2022

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