Bath Master switch modification is a new upgrade

For the traditional Bath Master, whether users, Bath Master manufacturers, or distributors want to make Bath Master more perfect and better to use, now there is a better Bath Master switch modification solution to share with you, which is a brand new upgrade.

Bath Master switch modification is a new upgrade

Several aspects can be improved for the traditional Bath Master:

1. Traditional Bath Master switches require wiring or batteries

Using Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch, no wiring or battery is required, and it can generate electricity by itself;

2. The traditional Bath Master switch has no or weak waterproof and anti-shock protection

Adopt Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch waterproof IP67 grade, anti-electric shock, safe and reliable, good performance;

3. Traditional Bath Master lacks intelligent wireless control

The use of Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch supports intelligent wireless control, which is optional;

4. How to turn the traditional Bath Master into a new generation of Bath Master?

Bath Master switch modification is a new upgrade

You can use Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch with Ebelong Bath Master control panel or Bath Master control module. It is simple and quick to upgrade so that your Bath Master grade can be improved the fastest. Of course, if you need other functions, you can talk to us in detail, and support OEM and ODM customization.

The following is a digression, not the key content, you can skip it. Replace the Bath Master switch, the new and the old are not the same, how to connect?

Connect the incoming live wire to the L or COM port, which is the middle hole you mentioned, and then connect the control power wires of each function to the ports on the five switches.

I often encounter this kind of problem. It is all caused by decoration. Check if there are four wires at the switch, 101, 1 ground, and 1 switch wire. The original connection method should be the wiring from the socket live wire. The hole leads out a power line to the upper end of the switch, and the lower end is the outlet of the switch.

You should now remove the outlet from the lower end of the switch and connect it directly to the upper end.

The Bath Master should try not to pass the external switch, because the power of the Bath Master is relatively large, and it is easy to burn out other switches.

How to change the switch of Bath Master?

After taking it out, you can see that there are 6 wires behind the switch. Don’t rush to remove the wires at this time. Find tape and paper or tape that can be written directly, write the serial number, and paste the numbers on the wires in order. (This can prevent After unscrewing the wire, I can’t tell which wire is which function), and take a picture after sticking it, so as to prevent it from being unable to find which hole for which wire is connected when the new switch is connected.

After sticking the number, you can safely unscrew the wire. After all the wires are removed, take out the new switch (the new switch shell is also to use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the bottom rectangular hole of the switch), and unscrew the wires in the order of the labels. Just go to the new switch. After all the wires are screwed up, install the two long screws of the switch on both sides of the switch, and then snap the shell on after turning.

Change the Bath Master switch. How to connect the request.

The dual-control switch can also be connected. The method is to connect the firewire to the COM port on each switch respectively, and then connect the power lines of each function to each port 1, and leave each port 2 blanks.

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