Upgrade new control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Bath Master

Upgrade the main board of the bath bather with a new control board with a wireless kinetic switch to enhance the grade of the Bath Master, Ebelong can give these solutions and products to enhance the grade of the Bath Master.

Upgrade new control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Bath Master

Start from the main board of the Bath Master and Bath Master switch, replace the main board or add modules to the main board, and replace the bath bather switch with a wireless kinetic switch, from then on the switch no longer needs wiring, no batteries, with IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent switch and so on advantages, support OEM and ODM customization, specific welcome to exchange, we have rich experience, is your partner worth cooperation.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

From here onwards the following is not the main content, you can ignore it not to see. What to do when the bath bar is pregnant? Under normal circumstances to replace the good no problem, it will be the same as the new, if not replaced well, the line short-circuited, it will cause tripping.

Please ask me how to replace the main board of this bath bar is broken, the power board is not up remote control?

wireless kinetic switch IP67 waterproof

If your bath bombs replaced the motherboard is the same model of the exact same motherboard, then it means that your motherboard has mechanical errors. Or poor wiring contact. Resulting in your remote control can not operate.

It is recommended to check directly to replace the motherboard plug-ins and the location of the connection line whether there is poor contact. If you can not find the problem, it is recommended that you directly let the after-sales master solve the problem at home.

Bathroom LCD control panel can be replaced with a button control panel?

Can be changed, but the modification is required to cost. The new switch needs to be changed in the structure, but also consider looking beautiful and easy to operate. You think it is worth changing it with confidence.

The bath control panel does not respond to the cause.

1, the lamp burned.

2, circuit failure.

3, there may also be a problem with the motherboard.

It is recommended to ask the aftermarket professionals to repair or replace the motherboard

Bath is also divided into single-core, and dual-core. How so fancy ah. What is the difference between single-core and dual-core bath bombs?

1, the number of motors is different

Dual-core: two motors.

Single-core: a motor.

2, the working principle is different

Dual-core: a motor rotation is dedicated to pipe air supply, the other motor is dedicated to pipe exhaust, two motors do not interfere with each other.

Single-core: positive and negative direction of rotation to achieve air supply and exhaust.

3、Different life span

Dual-core: two motors do not interfere with each other, solving the problem of “motor” overwork

Single-core: single motor work increases the load of the motor, positive and negative direction of rotation also shortens the life of the motor

Dual-core bath bombs two motors in their own way, air supply, exhaust more powerful, heating, ventilation at the same time, can quickly realize the bathroom heating while allowing you to keep the air in the bathroom fresh, dry state.

Do not spray with water when the bath bombs are at work. Although the bath bombs are waterproof high-temperature-resistant bulb composition, next to the gap in the motor is often very afraid of contact with water, the motor in the metal conductive properties are very strong, contact with more water prone to power short circuit, resulting in danger.

In addition, the heating bulb of the bath bombs can reach degrees after opening, absolutely do not touch it with your hands, otherwise, it is easy to burn.

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