How about single firewire remote control switch RF433 smart version

Some friends don’t know very well about lighting smart devices. For example, how about the single firewire remote control switch RF433 smart version of Ebelong?

single firewire remote control switch

If you want to understand this kind of wireless switch, we have to understand it from many aspects.

1. Know how it works

Single live wire remote control switch is a new type of electronic wall switch series product. It uses a single live wire to take power technology, the wiring method is simple, only the live wire is connected, and it is compatible and interchangeable with ordinary wall switches (really realizes no wiring);

With a variety of electronic functions (switch, dimming, timing, group control, scene, etc.), multiple control methods (touch, sound and light control, wireless remote control, human body induction, etc.), which can meet the different needs of various occasions and people .

It has strong load compatibility and can switch and control various electrical or lighting circuit loads including energy-saving lamps; it can meet the requirements of incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights, ceiling fans (or electric fans, exhaust fans), etc. Switch, dimming, speed control work. It adopts micropower consumption working mode, smooth switching, minimal harmonics, and conforms to the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection.

Its functions include switch control mode, control effect, and control process.

2. What are the characteristics

Easily achieve dual control and multi-control, suitable for installation or retrofit solutions. The lights can be controlled through the mobile APP.

What are the advantages of a single live wire switch

In short, to understand a thing, you need to spend a little thought to understand it from many aspects. The same is true for the RF433 smart version of Ebelong’s single firewire remote control switch. We need to experience it by ourselves before we know its usefulness!

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