Kinetic self-powered remote switch is easy to install and use

The kinetic self-powered remote switch is a new type of switch that is different from the traditional power switch. This switch does not require the use of batteries and does not need to be connected to a power cord. Only the mechanical energy generated by your finger gently pressing the button of the switch can be automatically converted into electrical energy to control lamps, doors and windows, air conditioners, televisions and other electrical equipment.

BM series self-powered switch

1. Passivity

Kinetic self-powered remote switch, no need to provide energy source. It does not need to be connected to a power cord like a traditional power switch, nor does it need to install a rechargeable battery or dry battery like a TV remote control or a mobile phone, and it does not need to be collected and powered by a built-in solar battery like a light energy calculator. The passive wireless switch has a built-in energy conversion device. You only need the energy of your finger to press the button and it is immediately converted into electrical energy, which can meet the electrical energy required by the switch.

S2 kinetic remote switch

2. Wireless

Kinetic self-powered remote switch without wiring operation. It transmits wireless control signals to control the power on and off of electrical equipment such as lamps and lanterns.

APP wireless lighting control

3. The controlled equipment is easy to adjust

The kinetic self-powered remote switch is not connected to the power cord. The electrical equipment controlled by it can be adjusted at any time. You can use it to control the lights in the living room today, change the settings tomorrow to control the lights in the dining room, and change the settings again the day after tomorrow to control the power socket of the TV.

P1 portable remote control switch

4. Installation

Kinetic self-powered remote switch installation is very convenient. Even people who do not understand electrical appliances can easily install it. You can place it anywhere you like, like a remote control in your home. If you want to fix it to a location, just stick double-sided tape on the back of the switch and stick it to any location on the wall or furniture. If you want to change the installation position in the future, you can also remove the switch and paste it again.

M1 Multi-button scenario self-powered switch

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