Room lighting control solution

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have put forward new requirements for home lighting systems. People want to be easy to use and even do whatever they want. The traditional lighting system has been far from meeting the needs of modern people, so the intelligent lighting system came into being. It not only controls the light-emitting time and brightness of the lighting source but also cooperates with the home subsystem to make corresponding lighting scenes for different applications. It also takes into account the intelligent management and simplification of operation, as well as the flexibility to adapt to future lighting. Layout and control method changes and other requirements. An excellent intelligent lighting system can improve the quality of the family environment and ensure the comfort and health of family life. Therefore, the network switch replaces the traditional switch, and the intelligent lighting system replaces the traditional lighting system, which is an inevitable step in the process of home intelligence.

Room lighting control solution

The defects of traditional switches mainly exist in the following aspects:

It is not suitable for large houses, such as villas, houses with upstairs and downstairs. Because there is no remote control function. The bigger the room, the more inconvenient it is. There is no easy way to fully open and close the operation. You have to check whether all the lights are turned off before leaving home, which is very troublesome. Without scene operation, the group of lights cannot be controlled, which makes the light of the family appear monotonous and cannot meet people’s requirements. The wiring of the dual-control switch is complicated, and it is impossible to realize the three-control and multi-control. And it is impossible to change the control object of a switch.

Adding lights and switches to a renovated house will destroy the decoration. The principle of turning off the lights does not meet the requirements of energy-saving. Because it is inconvenient to turn off the lights, it wastes electricity if the lights are not turned off in time. There is no dimming function, sometimes the lamp is too bright but cannot be dimmed, which irritates the human eye and consumes electricity. Only by replacing the bulb can the problem be solved. There is also a sudden change in brightness when the lamp is switched on and off, which not only irritates the human eyes but also the temperature of the filament is suddenly hot and cold, which affects the service life of the bulb. Can’t automatically delay turn off the lights, waste electricity and trouble.

The lighting design of the smart lighting system can also be linked with other smart home systems to show more humane functions in front of you. When you have a party in your home, as long as you press the button of the party mode, your audio will be Turn it on, play your favorite song, the light will dim and flash, and the air conditioner will automatically set to a more suitable temperature to create a warm and comfortable entertainment environment. Or when you are watching TV, the lights in your living room will be dimmed, and other rooms will be turned off. Among them, the change of the scene can be set at will, you can use your own rich imagination to create a dreamlike environment, which will bring you greater fun and comfort.

smart lighting control

The use of intelligent lighting control systems, through humanized operation, achieves the effects of high efficiency, comfort, environmental protection, and energy-saving, heralding the arrival of the green lighting era.

In a word, the simple way to realize the room lighting control solution is to use Ebelong wireless self-powered switch + smart lighting controller. If voice control is needed, add a gateway.

wireless switch, controller, gateway

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