Wire-free light switch is the key to realize smart home

The society has entered the era of intelligence. People holding a smart phone can remotely issue orders to the lamps, electrical appliances, doors, and curtains in their homes. This is the embodiment of wireless smart homes. Of course, the opening of the wireless smart home is inseparable from the unknown behind-the-scenes hero-the wire-free light switch. It is with its strong support that the wireless smart home can be installed quickly and easily operated, and realizes remote control.

Self-powered wire-free light switch Ebelong

To talk about the extraordinary features of self-powered wire-free light switches, we must first talk about the shortcomings of traditional old-fashioned switches. Traditional switches directly control the on and off of strong electricity to achieve the goal of controlling lamps or other electrical appliances. Traditional mechanical switches need to be pressed manually, but they are prone to sparks and short circuits. They require frequent maintenance and are inconvenient to operate in the dark. It is also easy to forget to turn off the lights, resulting in waste of electricity. In addition, because there is no remote control function, the larger the room, the more inconvenient to use traditional switches, which runs counter to the trend of large-scale residences.

Traditional wired switch installation is complicated

In contrast, smart wire-free light switches use chips to control relays to achieve the goal of controlling lamps or other electrical appliances.

The biggest difference from the traditional switch is that the wire-free light switch is movable, free of wiring, and no battery. Its mobile feature provides users with a more convenient and comfortable lighting control program; its wiring-free feature reduces the use of wires and PVC pipes during installation, that is, reduces the demand for copper, aluminum and other metal materials. Reduce carbon emissions in the process of producing wires; its battery-free feature saves users the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries.

Wire-free Light Switch Is The Key To Realize Smart Home

In addition, the wire-free light switch has many features, it can be dimmed, it is safe to use, there is no danger of electric shock, and its style is beautiful. Smart switches are widely used in many fields such as home intelligent transformation, office intelligent transformation, industrial intelligent transformation, agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry intelligent transformation, etc., which greatly saves energy, improves generation efficiency and reduces operating costs.

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