Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches

In life, switches can be seen everywhere, and most of them are inseparable from the battery and wires. However, we often encounter problems when using the battery, for instance, it is troublesome to replace the battery, batteries are easy to corrode in a humid environment, or the waste batteries may cause serious environmental pollution. Wires also have a high cost, and need to chisel the wall, need manpower to install, time consuming, very complicated procedures, Do you know that wireless switch control can actually work without batteries and wires?

If your light switches aren’t the easiest to get to, there is a modern solution – wireless light switches.

This innovative tech offers a few benefits over a traditional light switch.

A wireless light switch is completely wireless and uses a radio signal to tell your light to turn on or off. Some models are powered by batteries or solar, but most are self-powered, using kinetic energy.

EBELONG  kinetic  switches do not require external power or a battery to send a wireless signal. Instead, it harvests energy from the magnetic latching action of the switch itself. When the switch is actuated, a small current is induced in a coil as the polarity of the magnetic field through its core changes rapidly. Through a series of diodes and resisters, the energy is stored in a capacitor, which is then used to power a small transmitter chip. The antenna coil is wrapped around the switch housing.

<strong>Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches</strong>

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED & PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Our switches are self-powered, wireless, and battery-free. We use patented technology that generates power for the light switch to communicate with the receiver by harnessing kinetic energy generated when you press the switch. You can also replace a current wired light switch. switch can place wherever without running wires,ADD OR RELOCATE A SWITCH TO LIGHTS WITHOUR PULLING WIRES – No lots of workload to pulls wire to the switch location, quick installation and save labor and material costs.

<strong>Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches</strong>

EXCELLENT RANGE:  NO SIGNAL INTERFERENCE BETWEEN SWITCHES, Encrypted wireless signal, signal can go through walls, up to 300 feet transmission distance outdoor, 100 feet for indoor use,you don’t need to worry about interference. For best results, we recommend you measure the distance between receivers and switches before installing. Additionally, multiple units can be installed in the same home without fear of interference due to their unique radio frequency.

WATER-RESISTANCE SWITCH CAN USED IN WET ENVIRONMENT – Self-powered switch no any externel power connecting, no electric leakage. It works great at wet environment

EBELONG concentrates on energy harvesting and smart home solutions.

Our revolutionary wireless and battery-free energy harvesting technology provides effective solutions for various smart home. We have designed a whole range of wireless products to make a building or home smart, including:

Different standard self-powered switches, sensors, relay switches, smart plugs for automatic or remote control of lights, heating, roller blinds, home access and so on.

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