How the wireless door sensor works

Everyone knows that there are many types of smart home system products. As the star products such as routers and switch panels have attracted the attention of the market, they seem to have forgotten the door sensor system, which is also of great significance in intelligent systems. Then, what is the working principle of the wireless door sensor?

Wired Door and Window Sensors

In the smart home access control system, the role of the door sensor switch is to be responsible for whether the door magnetic is energized or not, energized with magnetic (closed door), demagnetized when powered off (opening), the door sensor is installed on the door and door cover, the switch is installed in the house, with automatic When used as a door closer, it can generally withstand a pulling force of 150 kg.

Wired door magnets are more concealed for embedded installation. It is understood that the opening of induction doors and windows is suitable for wooden or aluminum alloy doors and windows to send wired normally closed/normally open switch signals. Door sensors are used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. have been opened or moved illegally. It consists of a wireless transmitter and a magnetic block. The door magnetic system is actually the same as the bed magnetic system. Here we mainly take the door magnetic as an example.

How the wireless door sensor works

Wireless Door and Window Sensor

The wireless door sensor is composed of a wireless transmitter module and a magnetic block. There is a “steel reed pipe” component where there are two arrows in the wireless transmitter module. When the distance between the magnet and the steel reed pipe is kept within 1.5 cm, the steel reed pipe is in the disconnected state, once the separation distance between the magnet and the steel reed pipe exceeds 1.5 cm, the steel reed pipe will be closed, causing a short circuit, and the alarm indicator light will be on and an alarm signal will be sent to the host.

The wireless alarm signal of the wireless door sensor can transmit 200 meters in the open field and 20 meters in the general residence, which is closely related to the surrounding environment. The wireless door sensor generally adopts a power-saving design. When the door is closed, it does not transmit radio signals. At this time, the power consumption is only a few microamps. When the door is opened, it immediately transmits a wireless alarm signal for about 1 second and then stops by itself. At this point, the signal will no longer be transmitted even if the door is kept open.

Wireless kinetic sensor supports mobile APP monitoring

Ebelong door magnetic is safe and reliable, and the transmitted RF433 signal has a long and stable distance, making it a good companion in the house.

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