Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system, sustainable and scalable energy-saving and efficient system for smart homes and smart buildings.

Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

Significantly reduce energy consumption

Lights on when people come lights off when people leave, automatically adjusts light brightness, air conditioning temperature, etc. with environmental changes. The intelligent control system equipped with sensors, controllers, and gateways provides you with a full range of automation experiences, improving energy utilization efficiency and high sustainability.

Self-generating control, constant and stable

The wireless kinetic switch achieves control by acquiring kinetic energy generated by fingertip presses, eliminating the need for wiring and batteries, greatly reducing the use of cables, lowering the consumption of raw materials such as plastic and copper as well as batteries, reducing the transformation work hours and material costs, and eliminating maintenance at a later stage, improving the overall stability of the system.

Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement

The product portfolio of Ebelong Energy-saving Intelligent Control System eliminates engineering links such as wall chiseling and wiring, which greatly reduces construction costs, shortens project duration, effectively reduces construction waste and carbon emissions, and is green and environmentally friendly.

Easy to realize the old renovation

Want to retrofit a room with no solid walls? Want to upgrade and renovate existing buildings but worry about damaging the walls? Ebelong energy-saving intelligent control system can help you eliminate all your worries! The switches are wiring-free and can be directly pasted on the flat surfaces of different materials without damaging the walls, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty of the old renovation.

Dynamic linkage, convenient and energy-saving

Linkage of lighting, HVAC, shading and other types of electrical equipment in the building not only solves the problem of ease of operation caused by each system “working separately”, but also realizes the intelligent linkage between each piece of equipment, which improves comfort and saves energy and reduces emissions at the same time.

Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

Practicing double carbon strategy and developing green building

The energy-saving intelligent control system enables the whole home system to operate accurately according to the most economical and effective way, which can save energy to the maximum, significantly reduce carbon emissions, provide a new experience of integrating intelligent life and low-carbon health, and realize the climate-friendliness and sustainability of the building.

What can building intelligence majors do in the future?

Now some universities have also opened building intelligence direction under the direction branch of environmental equipment, I think there is no big difference in employment direction whether it is undergraduate or specialist.

I believe that through your study, you should understand that building intelligence is a very broad concept. It involves some knowledge of communication, some knowledge of equipment operation, and probably some property management, so you can say this.

The work you can do is very broad.

Knowing something about communications, it is a good job to enter the telecommunications bureau according to the general public’s idea.

Or you can enter the weak power company, there are many categories of weak power companies.

1, a weak electrical general contracting company.

2, equipment manufacturers. It is what you learn about the fire alarm system, building automation system manufacturers, and so on.

In these companies, you can engage in nothing but technology, sales, and nature, and divided into pre-sales and after-sales.

Moreover, you can enter some property management companies, and do technology or management.

Probably think of only so much.

Introduction of intelligent buildings

The core of intelligent buildings is the 5A system, intelligent buildings are the organic integration of these five systems through the communication network system, set the structure, system, service, management, and between them to the optimal combination, so that the building has the characteristics of safety, convenience, efficiency, and energy saving. Intelligent building is a borderline cross-cutting discipline, involving computer technology, automatic control, communication technology, building technology, etc., and there are more and more new technologies in intelligent building applications.

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