Smart wireless switch system and its advantage

The digital world comes with many advantages, Smart home appliances are one of them which afforded 21st Century technology. In today’s age of smartphones, wireless communication, and high-speed connectivity, the way we control lights is undergoing a revolution. A wireless light switch is completely wireless and uses a radio signal to tell your light to turn on or off. Wireless light switch, also known as a remote light switch.

Easy and simple remote control of Ebelong wireless self-powered switch

Without surprise, lighting control is one of the first solutions many homeowners invest in when outfitting their property with smart technology. Smart lighting systems offer convenient and intuitive control of all your lights through personalized keypads, a mobile app, and even voice control. In return, you receive improved home security, reduced energy usage, and more time in your day.

Wireless lighting control system

Ebelong wireless lighting control system

If you already have traditional electrical wiring in place or want a more cost-effective solution!!! You can still reap the benefits of smart lighting control by choosing a wireless system for your home, office, and surrounding areas. Wireless light switches, dimmers, and controllers install seamlessly into your existing wall boxes and work wirelessly by eliminating the need to pull wires to one location and forget about wall clutter when upgrading an existing home. 

When switching to a smart home, the most common consideration would be smart bulbs or smart wireless switches. Smart wireless switches give you more bang for your buck! This is because one switch is able to control multiple lights or single light can control by multiple switches whereas the same cannot be said for smart bulbs. On top of the regular smart switches, other appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, fans, etc. can also be controlled. We also carry portable smart switches that are linked up to other smart switches using software and can be controlled from a long distance.  

Advantages of Smart Light Switches

Advantages of Smart Light Switches


No one dislikes comfort, especially when you’re home during the weekends or back home after a long day at work. Smart switches can contribute to your convenience by helping you to control your kitchen lights, bathroom, dining, etc. Instead of moving around to control lighting, you can do that from the comfort of your bedroom or anywhere you find yourself.


Smart switches can also help automate your home by linking the smart lighting system to smart appliances, you can control them with your smart switch. 

Safety and Security

By utilizing the remote control features of smart switches, you can control your lights from a long distance. For emergency security purposes, turn them on or off at the appropriate time. Don’t forget; you can also use the schedule features of the smart switch to control your light as you want.

Reduces Energy Bills 

Smart witches can help you control your lighting by switching them on/off appropriately. If you decide to schedule your lights when to turn on or off, as well as when to do deem or become brighter, it’s easy with a smart switch. And this can help you reduce energy consumption, thus preventing high energy bills.

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