How does a wireless kinetic energy doorbell work

Have you missed parcels or friends many times because you did not hear the doorbell ring or someone knock at the door on time? Wireless kinetic energy doorbell will be a good choice for you and it has a wonderful upgrade to the existing traditional hardwired doorbell.

Wireless kinetic energy doorbell can work without battery and it does not require WiFi as it via RF 433MHz. One may ask, how does a batteryless wireless kinetic energy doorbell work? Actually, the doorbell push button and doorbell receiver do not need a battery. When we press the doorbell push button, it can convert kinetic micro-energy into an electrical signal to ring the wireless kinetic energy doorbell. We can power wireless kinetic energy doorbells without battery and wiring. When you push down on the doorbell push button, it can create a mechanical force and uses this as a kinetic micro-energy to produce a low-power signal. Wireless kinetic energy doorbells are low-voltage devices. Wireless kinetic energy doorbell adopts kinetic micro-energy collection and self-powered technology. It requires no battery and is maintenance-free. A wireless kinetic energy doorbell has one doorbell push button and one doorbell receiver. The doorbell push button can be installed home outside. It sends a wireless signal to the home inside where the doorbell receiver is installed. Two or more doorbell push buttons or doorbell receivers can be paired with as the wiring for wireless kinetic energy doorbell is not needed.

QME wireless kinetic doorbell

There are many key features for a wireless kinetic energy doorbell

Working Range – It is a very important aspect of the wireless kinetic energy doorbell. At least “80 meters outdoor and 30 meters indoor” to ensure you never miss a visitor at your door.

Ringtone Cut – 38 tunes as options. You are guaranteed to choose the satisfying ringtones you actually love and will hear them every time someone’s at your door.

Volume Adjustment – 4 volume levels as options. You can control the volume levels by yourself and choose your favorite setting for the current environment.

Power cut memory – After a power cut, the wireless kinetic energy doorbell will memorize the last set ringtone and ring volume.

Night Light Mode – Doorbell receiver can be used as a night light. Once the doorbell receiver is installed in place and it is set tonight light it will not work as a doorbell anymore. The doorbell push button will act as a wireless switch and can be installed near the bed or in other convenient locations.

Easy of installation – Plug the doorbell receiver directly into the electrical socket or Use screws and 3M stickers.

Ebelong QME self-powered doorbell

FAQ – Wireless kinetic energy doorbell

Do wireless kinetic energy doorbells have batteries? A: No. It can work without a battery.

Do wireless kinetic energy doorbells need WiFi? A: No. It does not require WiFi as it is via RF 433MHz.

Is it a wireless kinetic energy doorbell AC or DC? A: AC220V-240V 50/60Hz.

Are wireless kinetic energy doorbells waterproof? A: It is suitable for indoor use only. Please avoid using it in high temperature, high humidity, dusty, and strong electromagnetic interference environments. It is recommended to install it above 50cm from the ground, otherwise, the signal will be weakened.

Ebelong wireless doorbell

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