Smart together with wireless switches is the most desirable lighting solution

Lighting is the basis of the smart home: smart together with wireless switches is the most desirable lighting solution.

Undoubtely, there are huge various smart switches available in the market, but nothing could beat a smart switch which is wireless. Besides, unlike common wireless switch, our kinetic smart switch is without the battery inside.

As for traditional smart switch, they can be a pain to install—hire an electrician if you not comfortable doing it yourself—once it’s installed, a smart light switch lets you turn your lights on and off according to a schedule, with a smartphone app, and—with the installation of accessories—in response to voice commands, motion, or even your location (provided you have your smartphone with you). While kinetic switch can be easily placed anywhere and change the position anytime according to your preference. Most importantly, it means wiring and labour cost can be save to a huge extent, particularly in the developed country like US, where the labour cost is extremely expensive.

Here are our US version kinetic switches and main controllers followed by the features and parameter.

C11 Series | US standard smart dimmer

Ebelong C111 smart dimming controller
C112 smart switch controller

C11 series kinetic switch is US standard switch, which is compatible with US grid plus system and can be installed into US grid plus plates. It has a built-in micro energy generator – when the switch is pressed the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy. This transmits a signal to the receiver to turn the lamp or other load on or off. This solves the issue of having to install switch wiring, which has been a problem ever since the invention of the lamp. Its communication distance can reach 35m outdoor and 30m indoor.

Controller dimensions: L44mm*W41mm*H107mm

Switch dimensions: L33mm*W16mm*H65mm

C12 Series Controller

ERC1201  Rated Voltage: AC 180~265V 50/60Hz  Function: on/off + dimming+wifi

ERC1202  Rated Voltage: AC 180~265V 50/60Hz  Function: on/off + dimming+wifi

ERC1203  Rated Voltage: AC 180~265V 50/60Hz  Function: on/off+ dimming

ERC1204  Rated Voltage: AC 180~265V 50/60Hz  Function: on/off + dimming

ERC1205  Rated Voltage: AC 180~265V 50/60Hz  Function: on/off+trailing dimming

ERC1206  Input & Output: 12-24V DC  Function: on/off + dimming+wifi  Max power: 9A (108W/216W)

C1201 light controller Ebelong
C1202 smart lighting controller Ebelong
C1206 dimmable controller Ebelong

The series controller mainly focus on light dimming. The WiFi kinetic | quinetic wireless receiving controller with a high-efficiency switching power supply has a wide voltage range with excellent stability and durability. Can be controlled by a smartphone APP (iPhone and Android) The WiFi wireless receiving controller is equipped with an in-rush current suppression function thus creating a safe and durable product. Wireless kinetic energy switch and wireless receiving controller can be paired with any combination: a controller can be controlled by a maximum of 10 separate switches, a switch can pair an unlimited number of controllers.

Dimension: L88.7*W44*H31mm

C22 Series Controller

ERC2202  5A 2 way Wifi+on/off controller
ERC2203  1.5A 1 way  Wifi+on/off+Dimming controller

ERC2202  5A 2 way Wifi+on/off    

ERC2203  1.5A 1 way  Wifi+on/off+Dimming

ERC2204  10A  1way  Wifi+on/off

ERC2205  DC12V -24V  Wifi+on/off+Dimming      

ERC2206  1.7A  2 way  Wifi+on/off

ERC2204  10A  1way  Wifi+on/off controller
ERC2206  1.7A  2 way  Wifi+on/off controller

C22 series controller is the small size controller, which can be easily covered within the lamp cover and be mounted in the box of switch/socket, light panel, etc. Small size wireless receiver supports WiFi and RF, which can be controlled by Tuya App and wireless kinetic switch. It reserves the input terminals for traditional switches, and can control the light by the original traditional switches.

— Jubi

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