Self-powered kinetic batteryless grid switch

How can you imagine a switch that without NO WIRING and NO BATTERY to achieve the light control? Grid switch, it really does defy convention.

The battery-free wireless kinetic switch conforms to local usage

Grid switch do not require external supply power or a battery to send a wireless signal. Instead, it harvests micro-energy from the magnetic latching action of the switch itself. When the switch is pressed, a small current is induced in a coil as the polarity of the magnetic field through its core changes rapidly. Through a series of diodes and resisters, the energy is stored in a capacitor, which is then used to power a small transmitter chip.

Multi-standard black and white color self-powered grid switch

The receiver side is powered by mains and includes a relay output for lights.

What are grid switch?

Grid switch come in separate parts.

– A grid plate is needed. It is a regular light switch plate, but without anything behind it and no switches built in.

– A grid frame is needed. It allow to fit everything together.

– A grid switch module. It is simply single switch module that pop into place on the grid frame and grid plate.

How do grid switch work?

As the wiring need to go through the grid switch modules, and the grid frame holds the switch modules in place on the grid plates, there is no need for any screws.

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