A pleasant Ebelong team building

In the spring of April.

It’s a new start, we are now ready to set sail.

One person can walk fast.

A group of people can reach distant.

Sands being tower, beads become sea.

After initial ten years of accumulation.

EBELONG will cherish the time and continue marching forward.

A Pleasant EBELONG Team Building

It is another good year. On April 24th, the staffs of Ebelong gathered in Dapeng, Shenzhen to hold a team building activity with the theme of “Surpass ourselves, create excellence”.

Spartan Challenge

The hot day begins with the Spartan challenge. Under the auspices of the leading coach, the employees of Ebelong faced a severe test of skill and endurance. The Spartan Challenge is a series of competitions consisting of three games: Caterpillars Attack, Table Tennis Relay and Tug-Of-War. It is a test of teamwork and cohesion.

Caterpillars Attack

A pleasant Ebelong team building
A pleasant Ebelong team building

Employees are divided into 2 groups and 4 teams. The game aroused everyone’s passion and enthusiasm. Now they are on fire!

Table Tennis Relay

A pleasant Ebelong team building
A pleasant Ebelong team building

The following table tennis relay is also a test of carefulness and patience. People of Ebelong are fully into it, to help each other, with a very high tacit understanding of the tactical deployment and strain ability.

Tug-of-war competition

A pleasant Ebelong team building

The tug-of-war competition brought the lively atmosphere of the scene to its peak. The competition divided the office department and the production department into two teams. Every individual is using sweat and courage to achieve self-challenge and breakthrough, fully showing the perseverance and hard work of the Ebelong’s spirit. In the end, the production team and the office team drew. In the high-pressure competition, the friendship was further advanced.


A pleasant Ebelong team building
A pleasant Ebelong team building

Work partners turn into kitchen partners, showing their different selves in life.

The hands that usually tap the keyboard now are cooking and cleaning.

A pleasant Ebelong team building

Everyone happily prepares the meal and shares the fruits of labor. Spring trip, spring food, spring scenery are not only delicious but also heartwarming.

CS field operation game

After the meal, everyone gathered on the live-action CS field to enjoy the thrill of actual combat in the jungle, plains, ruins and various actual combat terrains.

A pleasant Ebelong team building

CS field battles have strong collective attributes, and everyone exercises teamwork and at the same time consolidates team cohesion. In addition, the CS field battle has greatly explored the creativity of team members. In the process of formulating combat plans and assigning combat tasks, everyone felt the joy and sense of accomplishment of reaching the goal after overcoming difficulties.

A pleasant Ebelong team building

Riding a speedboat

Here they were at the seaside speedboat zone. Mirs Bay, located on the east coast of Shenzhen, is one of the important attractions of Shenzhen’s east coast. It is backed by mountains and stretches of golden beaches.

A pleasant Ebelong team building

The boat went faster and faster, and the wind blew by. Everyone experienced the stimulation of high-speed speed in the sea. The fast pace of life in the city was suddenly thrown to the cloud nine.

A pleasant Ebelong team building

The various team building activities brought laughter, and let everyone experienced the fun of competition and cooperation in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Group building is a run-in, but also a charge. A group of people, one mind, beyond themselves, create excellent. Ebelong is always on the way forward!

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