The revolutionary product of wireless smart switch

The wireless smart switch has been upgraded again! When it comes to smart homes, the first thing everyone thinks of is the switch. Because whether it is on the mobile phone screen, on the wall switch button, or interactive control with voice. The embodiment of intelligent life is firstly in the switch control. What kind of smart switches can make the action of “switching” more convenient, more technological, and more user-friendly? In 2022, Ebelong will bring a revolutionary product of smart switches, wireless self-powered switches. Let’s take a look at this smart switch from Ebelong.

The revolutionary product of wireless smart switch

Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch is durable, safe, movable, multi-controllable, maintenance-free, and battery-free. Signal. The controller accepts and recognizes the signal, adjusts the corresponding light source state, and the signal is stable. Since the wall switch does not need wiring, it completely solves the problem of difficult wiring of switches since the invention of electric lights more than 130 years, bringing an epoch-making switching experience.

To achieve intelligent control, only the switch is definitely not enough, we can achieve intelligent control through two solutions. The first is to adapt it with the Ebelong gateway. With this intelligent central control, we can achieve precise control of all paired devices and achieve a convenient control experience.

In addition, the second more friendly control method is to use the Ebelong WIFI controller to directly install the Tuya APP on the mobile phone, even if there is no gateway, it can be paired. After completing the installation, directly add the corresponding device and then complete the wireless connection of the device step by step through the interface prompts.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

Each switch that is successfully paired needs to be named. The default state is called “three gangs switch”, “two gangs switch” and “one gang switch”. At the same time, the switch after successful pairing will also be displayed on the main panel of the APP. We can directly press each independent switch button on the mobile phone to realize the remote control of the switch on and off. In order to facilitate operation and management, and to facilitate voice control, we need to rename the purpose of each switch, such as “dining room light”, “kitchen fan”, “kitchen light”, “balcony light”, “living room light”, etc. name.

In addition to the direct intelligent remote control through the mobile phone, to realize functions such as voice control on and off, and the timing of lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to use products such as Amazon Alexa or other smart speakers. Taking Alexa as an example, after the connection and pairing are successful, we can directly use voice commands to say “turn on the kitchen light”, “turn off the living room light”, “turn on all lights, turn off all lights” and other commands to realize the intelligent voice control of lamps and lanterns. . Not only that, we can also remotely check the switch status of lamps and lanterns, as well as remotely control the switch status of lamps in the home so that we are no longer afraid of forgetting to turn off the lights. In addition, you can also set the timer to make the lamp turn on with the alarm clock when you get up in the morning, bringing you a new day every day.

Ebelong self-powered switch supports mobile APP control

It has a refined and simple design and does not have the habit of discarding physical buttons. Through simple installation and matching, a smart switch can realize the smart transformation of the home, combined with a series of smart electric curtains, smart lamps, smart TVs, and smart air conditioners. Matching, to achieve more convenient control and experience. There are elderly people in the home who are inconvenient to get up and can be controlled by voice, and children at home can also have fun from the voice interaction. This is the innovation of the wireless smart switch, and it is also the display of the beauty of Ebelong’s smart life.

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