Do not power the light switch, and never run the wire

Friends, don’t need an electric switch, have you seen it?

I often see the switch, but I haven’t seen the one that doesn’t require electricity.

Ebelong Technology will open your eyes today.

I look with my third eye.

Do not power the light switch, and never run the wire

I took it, how can I do this?

It’s as simple as eating.

Self-powered wireless switch — Ebelong

Working principle of self-powered switch

Say goodbye to the high threshold and high investment of traditional switch technology, and directly add additional product categories. Industrial upgrading and the formation of new manufacturing industry clusters in the future.

Two cutting methods for finished product manufacturers:

1. Lighting products with independent wireless switch + built-in communication receiver module (cooperate with finished product sales);

2. Independent wireless switch + wireless receiving power control box (available for independent product sales);

At the same time, Ebelong can provide core components of self-powered switches and communication modules, open technical solutions, and manufacturers can directly support them. Simple, fast, and instant organization of products; allowing traditional lighting manufacturers to expand switch categories without threshold; the seamless connection between switches and lighting in the true sense.

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