Ebelong’s wireless kinetic energy technology once again cooperates with real estate tycoons

This month, Ebelong has cooperated with another big player in real estate, Evergrande Real Estate, a global top 500 company, with its excellent product quality and cost reduction solution of kinetic switch, and the scope of cooperation involves new real estate installation and retrofit.

EBELONG wireless kinetic energy technology 01

EBELONG was warmly invited by Evergrande Real Estate to conduct a report on the real estate lighting wireless kinetic control program at the Evergrande Group Shenzhen Headquarter. Evergrande Shenzhen branch and Guangzhou headquarter jointly participated in this special meeting through video conference.

EBELONG wireless kinetic energy technology 02

The relevant person in charge of purchasing from Evergrande Real Estate said that as early as 2019, he had heard the news that Country Garden had started to use wireless kinetic switches in their projects. It was not until the Guangzhou Building Electric & Intelligent Electric annual conference in December 2020 that he first learned about the disruptive product idea of wireless kinetic switch and the epoch-making R&D concept behind it.

EBELONG wireless kinetic energy technology 03

After six months of cautious comparison of relevant wireless lighting control solutions and products, Evergrande Real Estate finally decided to cooperate with EBELONG and taked wireless kinetic switch as the entrance to build future intelligent residential intelligent ecology.

EBELONG wireless kinetic energy technology 04

In this briefing, Evergrande Real Estate reached a strategic cooperation intention with EBELONG to fully introduce the standardized decoration design of wireless kinetic switch. At the initial stage of cooperation, the switch modification in Shenzhen Cost Control Center of Evergrande Real Estate and the installation in the model house of Guangzhou Panyu Base will be used as the base point for testing, and the two sides will jointly build a smart office and a smart residential showroom. And further comprehensive construction cost approval and performance observation of wireless kinetic energy switches is carried out.

It is reported that Evergrande Real Estate has about 70 million sq.m of sales area every year. If the wireless kinetic switch is used comprehensively, it will get great help in many dimensions such as cost control, construction management and engineering progress.

EBELONG wireless kinetic energy technology 05

And it can introduce the single live wire modification program which solved the problem of the previous office switch being blocked by landscape plants into Evergrande Property Division under the Group, providing a more convenient and quick solution for the post-change of home switches.

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