Battery-free wireless doorbell – Good assistant for your family

As an essential home functional device, many people have very limited choices. They are basically traditional, with relatively simple functions, and the doorbell is always unavailable due to weather and other reasons. Then, Ebelong’s battery-free wireless doorbell will be a good helper for your different home.

Battery-free wireless doorbell – Good assistant for your family

In addition to the weather, the doorbell’s battery is also a big problem, and it’s not easy to replace. So for many families, simply go back to the most primitive “doorbell method” and knock directly on the door.

In fact, it is not necessary. Now, Ebelong provide you with a wireless doorbell with its own power generation, no wiring, and no batteries. Let’s take a look at what is worth buying this doorbell.

Self-pressing power generation supports energy saving and environmental protection. The small doorbell has all the internal organs and built-in power generation module. When the finger touches the push switch, it means instant power generation, no need to use batteries, energy saving and environmental protection.

Ebelong battery-free wireless doorbell

Wireless transmission is safer. The doorbell installation uses wireless transmission, no wiring is required, and the power is generated by autonomous pressing, which means that the harm of high current is eliminated. For the elderly and children, it ensures a relatively safe environment to use electrical appliances.

The signal transmission is stable, and it can also be used in large houses. This wireless doorbell adopts kinetic energy self-generating technology, which can effectively reduce the problem of signal weakening. In the place of 30~80 meters, the signal transmission is stable. It is also suitable for complex apartment types and large areas.

Four-level volume adjustment, 38 music choices. The music and volume of many doorbells are fixed, and it is inevitable to feel bored after using them for a long time. Especially when sleeping at night, if the doorbell cannot be adjusted, it will greatly affect the quality of sleep.

Ebelong wireless self-powered doorbell has sleep mode

The battery-free doorbell comes with 38 different pieces of music, which can be changed every day, without the same one for a month. Four-level volume adjustment, including treble, mid-tone, bass and mute, if you have children at home, it is recommended to adjust to silent mode at night, which is more suitable for baby sleep. Moreover, this self-powered battery-free wireless doorbell, the receiver has the function of night light to show soft light, it does not affect the sleep of the family, and it can also remotely switch the night light.

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