Kinetic switch wireless lighting control application in smart home

Ebelong has specialized in energy harvesting RF kinetic switches wireless lighting control more than 10 years,  which can be used in various applications such as industrial and building automation, in the mobility sector or for medical technology. This switch offer an amazing alternative to wired or battery-powered  switch. The advantages are very obvious : Provide freedom with a lot of flexibility, sustainability without battery disposal and a remarkable reduction of time and cost efforts due to the unnecessary job of maintenance.

Kinetic switch wireless lighting control application in smart home

With the small size of smart receiving controller, you can activate specific function such as blind control, lighting control, this is not only increase comfort, but also makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency and safety.

There is one possibility to integrate smart into window handle, with the door switch, D1, when you turn to open or close the window, it will activate and generate enough energy to transmit a radio signal.

Ebelong intelligent wireless switch supports customization

Another option is to use door switch in to locking latch, which is again attached to window frame. When opening or closing the window, the fitting will be moved. This leads the extension and retraction of the locking roller which actuates the door switch within locking latch.

A very important factor to make this eco−friendly application a reality is guaranteeing that the wireless protocol used are conducive to the low−power nature of the kinetic switch. One option is the Green Power™ protocol offered by the Zigbee Alliance™.

Ebelong wireless switch

Designed for optimized energy consumption and even energy harvesting, the Green Power protocol from Zigbee Alliance offers great potential within industrial IoT for applications including connected lighting and building automation. With its long-range connectivity, the Green Power protocol is easy to deploy in larger buildings, provides flexible deployment and reconfiguration options, and is compatible with all new building trends with its eco−friendly and low power design. But during the installation of the smart controller and wireless kinetic switch in the application you must consider the guidelines for the “press-in position” to avoid possible damage, as the functionality could be affected. During installation the mechanical parts should not be be pinched or their movement impeded. The specified lifetime and energy yield are only ensured if the exact actuation point is observed. All relevant information is detailed in our technical specification.

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