Smart door sensors have become necessary during the pandemic

As early as last year, smart door sensors have been used in home medical observation places and hotel/hospital closed isolation management places. As the epidemic situation becomes more and more complicated, smart door sensors are used in more and more front-line prevention and control places. Now it has been written into the prevention and control policies, and it’s taking an important role in the pandemic.

The smart door sensor can be installed on the door frame of the home medical observation site and the closed control site. It can replace the staff to work, reduce the pressure of prevention and control work, improve the efficiency of prevention and control, and the door sensor does not need to take a break from work, as long as there is electricity, it can continue to work. To truly achieve 24-hour uninterrupted prevention and control, the supervision is more comprehensive.

Smart door sensors have become necessary during the pandemic

The door sensor consists of two parts, the big part is a signal transmitter, and the small part is a permanent magnet. When there is a misalignment between the permanent magnet and the transmitter, an alarm is automatically triggered and a signal is sent to the user’s mobile phone for prompting. Most of the door sensors on the market need to be connected to electricity or have a built-in battery. And there is a kind of kinetic door sensor, which does not need to be connected to wires or batteries, and can also control the lights, and generate electric power through pressing by external force when opening and closing the door. That is Ebelong D1 Door Sensor.

In addition to epidemic control, what scenarios can the Ebelong D1 door sensor be used in?

1. The Gate

Install a door sensor on the door, so that you can always know whether the door is closed or not when someone opens the door, and you can set the alarm mode when you go out. If a stranger breaks in, you can directly push the alarm information.

 The Gate

2. Windows

Parents with children can install the door sensor on the window. When the child opens the window, the APP will remind them in time to avoid danger to the child.


3. Drawers

If there are important documents and materials in the drawer in the home or office, the door sensor can be installed in the drawer position, and when someone opens the drawer, it can be known in time.


4. Safe Box

Nowadays, safe boxes with WIFI networking alarms are rare. The door sensor can be installed on the inside of the safe. In addition to the alarm prompt, Ebelong smart gateway can also accurately record the time when the safe is opened each time.

Safe Box

5. Cabinet Door

The door sensor is pasted on the cabinet door. When you need to take clothes, open the

cabinet door and the cabinet light strip will automatically turn on; when the cabinet door is

closed, the cabinet light strip will automatically turn off.

Cabinet Door

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