How do smart plugs work and why people should use smart plugs?

Smart Plug:

A Smart Plug is an adaptor that can be plugged into a regular electrical wall outlet. When connected to a WiFi network, the smart plug can be controlled via an application from a smart device. Nowadays, smart plugs are also an essential product for home automation. It can effortlessly control small appliances and devices in your home like a heater, cooler, TV, etc. It saves time, cost and also prevents your appliance from damage.

How do smart plugs work and why people should use smart plugs?

How Smart Plugs Work

Smart Plugs can beautifully convert your ordinary home to a smart home. Smart Plugs allow you to control the power supply to an appliance through an app on your smartphone. You can take any conventional electrical outlet in your home and set a smart plug in it. The physical outlet in your wall stays the same while the appliance or device that’s plugged into the smart plug. Now your smart plug needs to be connected to your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection so that they can control your smartphone, without any disruption.

How do smart plugs work and why people should use smart plugs?

Reminder: You would not be able to control your smart plugs without a Wi-Fi connection. So, ensure that your WiFi signal does not face any irregularity.

Why should we use smart plugs or what’s the advantage?

Smart Plugs can beautifully convert your ordinary gadgets into ‘Smarter’ Devices. There have several advantages of using the smart plug, Let me explain by giving a few examples:

  • Control room heater: If you want to turn on your room heater before reaching home from work, you just tap on your smartphone and easily turn on your room heater. Now you will welcome yourself into the warm and comfortable environment of your home.
  • TV control: As you know kids are always spend time by watching TV. If you want to limit the amount of time they spend on TV, you can make schedule the limits of their watching time by using your smartphone app.
  • Turn on/off air condition: If you are out of home and forgot to turn off air-condition, you can still turn off by using your smart phone.
  • Control from long distance: If you are on a vacation and miles away from your home. Still you can control your smart plug appliances with very much ease. If you accidentally remember about your switched on heater or others devices. You still have no need to worried, just turn off from smartphone. Your home will be safe from the risk of fire or any other damage.
  • Satisfaction: This is an important point that You can mentally secure yourself by monitoring your home and energy consumption at any time via your smartphone.
How do smart plugs work and why people should use smart plugs?


If you have determined to automate your home to a smart home, there isn’t any need to worry because EBELONG product is the proper solution for home automation. Smart plugs are a cost-effective method to upgrade your home appliances or devices to smart ones. They can offer you several advantages. Enhanced energy efficiency, safety and convenience top the list. By using smart plugs, you can beautifully utilize the power of smart home technology and transform your lifestyle.

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