The best gateway for smart home security solution——ECH and QME

With ten years of effort, Ebelong has developed from an energy harvesting electrical laboratory to kinetic switch expert providing users in 128 countries with ideal lighting control industry applications and smart home solutions. Now, Ebelong announced a new line of smart home products that will leverage Ebelong’s smart home technology— ECH series smart gateway and QME series security gateway.

ECH and QME smart security gateway

Before getting to the details of Ebelong gateway, we need to understand what is the IoT gateway? An Internet of things (IoT) gateway provides the bridge (protocol converter) between IoT devices in the field, the cloud, and user equipment such as smartphones. The IoT gateway provides a communication link between the field and the cloud, and may provide offline services and real-time control of devices in the field.

gateway, switch, controller APP control

The Ebelong’s ECH series smart gateway is a control center featuring all Ebelong RF433 sub-devices working, like wireless controller, kinetic swtich and sensors. It can realize the interchange of RF signal and Wifi signal and allow users to manage their lights, create lighting scenes, establish automated schedules, and more through their smart App. For example, you can create a “relaxation scene” where the lights in the living room are dimmed by 50% and the curtains are closed. The sensors, dimmers, switches, and outlets can also be controlled with voice commands using Alexa, Google Assistant smart speakers, you can turn off the lights and start the family movie night with one voice command.

voice control Ebelong's gateway

The Ebelong’s QME series security gateway is the control center of Ebelong Security Alarm Set. With door/window sensor, PIR sensor, emergency key switch, security setting switch and doorbell, the QME security gateway are able to provide security protection, elder care, wireless door bell, and all kinds of smart control. When the QME security gateway detects undesired motion or window opening, users’ home will be visible and audible from a distance, which can scare away the intruder and keep your home safe. Moreover, it supports WiFi that enables update and settings change by your smartphone at any time. If the elders needs help, they can press the emergency key switch to send a signal to the QME gateway, then you will receive the help message in your smartphone and hear the ringing bell from the gateway. There is no need to call for help loudly. It can also voice control by Alexa and Google Assistant.

QME doorbell and door/window sensor

Ebelong’s gateway is the reliable partner in smart home and smart building, it is also the key to the intelligentization of the whole house. The ECH and QME gateway symbolize that Ebelong has made significant progress in the development of self-powered smart home products. With the advancement of IoT technology and the popularization of smart homes, smart gateway will be a crucial part of smart home products in the near future.

— Veronica

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