The application of IoT technology in smart home

The Internet of Things is the key link of the new generation of information technology, and it is also an important development stage in the information age and the digital age. The core of the development of IoT technology is the innovation of user experience. With the continuous progress of IoT technology, its application in daily life is becoming more and more extensive. In this context, the development of the Internet of Things has further driven the rapid growth of the residential electronic integration industry and the smart home industry. As the core technical support of smart homes, the Internet of Things technology plays a pivotal role.

The application of IoT technology in smart home

The advantages of IoT technology in smart home

The traditional smart home has very poor flexibility and poor performance incompatibility, while the IoT technology, with its complete system, organically combines various home appliances through wireless means, and plays an incomparable role in the smart home. The advantages. Taking ZigBee as an example, ZigBee is safe, reliable, and low-cost in smart homes. It can coordinate and communicate among thousands of free and tiny sensing units, and the communication efficiency is very high. From a technical point of view, ZigBee smart home has great integration and can be seamlessly linked to the cloud, which is convenient for management, traceability, and time perception and control. It will definitely be more widely used in the field of IoT smart homes.


The application of IoT technology in smart home

-PIR Sensor

The PIR sensor is mainly used to prevent illegal intrusion. For example, when you press the arm button, it will also start the PIR sensor to automatically fortify. At this time, once someone invades, it will send an alarm signal and frighten it. Repel the invaders. Or when you leave your home and set up a defense, once someone breaks in, it will automatically remind your mobile phone through the wireless gateway and accept the police processing instructions issued by your mobile phone.

Ebelong wireless doorbell

-Wireless Doorbell

Wireless doorbells are of great value for large homes or villas. For safety reasons, most people sleep with the door closed, and when someone comes to ring the doorbell, it is difficult to hear the bell in the room. This wireless doorbell can transmit the bell signal to the bedside light to remind you that someone is visiting. In addition, when there is no one at home, the action of ringing the doorbell will be transmitted to your mobile phone through the gateway, which is very important for you to understand the security status of the home and the information of visitors.

The application of IoT technology in smart home

-Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Wireless door magnets and window magnets are mainly used for anti-intrusion. When you are at home, the door and window magnetics will be in a disarmed state and will not trigger the alarm. When you leave home, the door and window magnetics will be in the armed state. Once someone opens the door or window, your mobile phone will be notified and an alarm message will be sent. Compared with traditional door and window magnets, wireless door and window magnets do not need wiring and can work with batteries installed. The installation is very convenient, and the installation process generally takes less than 2 minutes. In addition, for families with safes, this sensor can also detect and record the time when the safe is opened or closed and notify the authorized mobile phone in time.

Ebelong Wireless Door/Window Sensor

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